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[Singapore Blog Awards 2013] Vote for me in the JBL Best Pop/ Music Blog Award Category for SBA2013!

Last month, I shared my personal thoughts on
It was also the nomination and registration stage then.

The 10 finalists for each of the main, specials and celebrity categories were announced yesterday.

I spotted many friends and BFFs who were also shortlisted as finalists.


All voters can only vote for ONE person in each category everyday but under some of the categories, I know more than one friend! Guess I'd have to log in everyday to vote for a different person.

Having said that, yours truly(that's me) is also shortlisted in one of the categories which to me, is yet another significant milestone:
JBL Best Pop/Music Blog Category


THANK YOU Singapore Blog Awards and  JBL!

Singapore Blog Awards 2013

All JBL Music Blog Award Finalists Receive Early Presents

You heard it.
Once you're selected as the JBL Best Pop/Music Blog Award Finalist, you receive S$600 worth of JBL products!

Singapore Blog Awards 2013

I'm referring to THREE JBL portable speakers worth about S$200 each.

Currently using the JBL Charge and OMG~
Please let me share how good it is in the next coming weeks.

MinutemanSG even used the speakers and played a prank on me!
Very naughty boy indeed~

Already preparing videos and photos of the speakers.
Here are some sneak peeks when the speakers first arrived.

JBL Portable Speakers sponsored by JBL

As the name suggest, the JBL Charge speaker is able to charge my phone on the go!
JBL Charge

JBL Charge
Image courtesy of JBL

The JBL Flip speaker has a built-in microphone such that you can pick up your phonecall and speak into the speaker!

JBL Flip

The JBL Wireless is so portable that it so convenient to bring it anywhere!

JBL wireless
Image courtesy of JBL

The sound quality is so clear for both speakers, I can even hear the bassy beats as well as the stereo of the songs; something not all portable speakers can provide for their users.

JBL portable speakers

I'm very excited, extremely excited!
Bite-size information about me using the speakers will be updated on my twitter and instagram so follow okies!

Meeting the other 9 Finalists

It's another blessing in disguise.

I'm extremely delighted to be a part of this category as I'd get to meet the other 9 talented finalists real soon and UP-CLOSE, yes!

Here they are, the 10 finalists of JBL Best Pop/Music Blog:

Singapore Blog Awards 2013 Music Blog Finalists

In fact, I've visited their blogs (including those who've registered) and felt a little embarrassed as the content they bring to their readers is really music-oriented whereas mine is more of lifestyle and very little music.

I particularly liked Deborah's blog.
I met her during the briefing.

She showcases her OWN originals and compositions on her blog.
I fell in love with her original song, Gomi x Gomi.
*Secretly cast my very first vote for her yesterday*

Other than Debbie, I personally know Noelle, Cookie Hui Jin and Luke Phang prior to blogging.
Noelle and I even went for KTV together previously! I'm so grateful that this kind-hearted young lady even came and helped me during my showcase.

Here's evidence :)

When she did a cover for Gwiyomi, I melted.
*Noelle I wanna pinch your cheeks la~*

Really, knowing these great people just motivates me to follow my heart and chase after my dream in music. So please please please, spend some time getting to know all the music finalists too.
They are so interesting and extremely gifted!

Direction Of Mint Leong Blog Content: Lifestyle-Music 

I'll be extremely honestly with you.
I've always been.

My music-learning journey only began this YEAR (year 2013) so if you're expecting world-class musical compositions, in-depth insights about music theories and sound technology-related information, you'll have to find it elsewhere.

I don't even have a grade-1 piano cert.
Nor have I taken any proper vocal classes until I started the Ocean Butterflies Music Forest Vocal Ambassador Programme in April'13.

I'm going to pin down little milestones I've made - my learning journey in music, like:

  • My keyboard classes I've taken on what I've learnt so far. 
Life in Ocean Butterflies
Photo taken by Hpility.
  • My vocal lessons with Zhi Wen singing instructor and my funny classmates

Life in Ocean Butterflies
Zhi Wen Lao Shi on Mint Leong Instagram

Life in Ocean Butterflies
Photo Courtesy of Silver Ang

  •  Anything about my music career programme (song writing course)
Life in Ocean Butterflies
  • Random music projects I've done (Jialat or not I will still upload. Try not to laugh until you get a tummy upset alrights.)

Life in Ocean Butterflies

  • Music gadgets which aid me in my music-making journey
  • Cover Songs

Of course, what are all these pictures without videos to check my progress over the months.
I'm consolidating them right now.
But here's a pre-warning: some videos are really CMI*
*CMI: Cannot make it

Of course, I'll continue to post up snippets of my lifestyle but going to balance up the ratio a little between lifestyle and music. (Come on, I also have a life right lol):
events, beauty, self-improvement.

.. Part and Parcel of Growing and YOU are reading it ..
I'm thankful that you're reading this now and here with me.

If you're reading this,
please support my blog with your votes.

It means a lot to me!

Vote in 5 Easy-Peasy Steps

Vote on SBA2013 official website:

You are allowed to vote ONCE A DAY.
Hint hint: Everyday, Once so please come back daily to vote for me!

For first-timers, you'll have to create a NEW account.

Voting phase: 27 MAY - 23 JUN 2013 

1. Go to "VOTE NOW" tab.
Vote now page: http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/2013/register/

Singapore Blog Awards 2013

2. Register for a NEW account if you're a visiting for the first time.

Singapore Blog Awards 2013

3. Log in Singapore Blog Awards 2013. 

Singapore Blog Awards 2013

Click here for easy access: http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/2013/category/?cat=music

Singapore Blog Awards 2013

5. VOTE for Mint Leong by clicking on my picture!

You'll stand a chance to win 5 JBL speakers too~
Read HERE for more info.
Singapore Blog Awards 2013

Muacks muacks muacks~
I'll update the direct links on the my sidebar for convenience.


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