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V-Singer Singing Contest 2012: Vote For Mint Leong, VS411

V Singer 2012

I'm in the next phrase of the V-singer Singing Contest! 

Before I continue to share more about the contest, I would like to give my thanks to:
  • Sincere friends who've been concerned about my progress in the contest
  • Strangers who've left encouraging comments/messages on my Youtube video and FB page.
  • Good friends who have stayed with me through thick & thin all these years as I pursue my passion for singing. 
  • My Shifu, Long Papa (Won), for giving me a platform to perform weekly at All About Eve Bar even the fact that I have ZERO music knowledge, totally NO musical background nor any stage experience 3 years back.
  • Gods I've been praying to. 你们真的有显灵!
  • Readers, that's YOU, who still visit despite my lesser time to generate more blog content for you. 
  • Judges from my previous singing contests. Thank you for giving me your most sincere & constructive feedbacks.
  • Evan Tiang & Desmond Wong, the first to get me involved in song-jamming sessions.
  • People who've looked down on me: You are my motivation to prove you wrong.
  • Jackie Goh, for everything you've done for me for the past 3 years.
I am extremely thankful for my life now: the people around me, the happy vibes, the opportunities, the music lessons, the luck, my past experiences... The thing is, I'm not going to stop right here; this is a wake-up call for me to keep improving & strive to become a better self, to try & reach for the stars in the sky above.

I'd love to become a professional singer.
I want people to be able to relate to me via my songs.
I want my music to bring joy, love & important messages to people.
I want to be heard & be able help the less fortunate with this little gift of mine from God.

Auditions of V-singer Singing Contest 2012

The very first V-singer audition was held in August 2012. I decided to give it a shot when I was not selected as one of the finalists for Sunsilk Academy Fantasia. The audition was held in the Ocean Butterflies(OB) Music Forest Dance Studio and I sang one of Kit Chan's song: 喜欢你 (I like you).

The judges commented that I skipped a few beats and was inconsistent with my song tempo due to my nervousness. Thank god they decided to give me a second chance. I was selected to go for the 2nd audition.

Contestants who were in the 2nd audition were asked to record & submit a Youtube Video with the theme, Love Songs. I chose a Jacky Cheung song titled '咖啡' (which means 'Coffee').

Read Behind-the-scenes of the recording:

When a surprise phone call from Ocean Butterflies came, I was exhilarated; I made it to the 3rd audition! Coincidentally, the date of the audition clashed with a wedding gig but fortunately, I made it to both events.

During the 3rd audition, I performed a self-composed song, 梦中情人.

V-singer singing contest is totally different from any other singing contests.

We are auditioning to get into this SPECIAL MUSIC COURSE conducted by outstanding music instructors who will treat & groom all V-singer students as if they are the up and coming contracted-artistes of Ocean Butterflies!

The Stats

Out of the 600+ contestants who have participated, 57 contestants are going to go through a 2-month V-singer music course. It'll be 8 weeks of intensive training including dancing, vocal techniques, speech & communication, mic handling, improvement on stage presence & more! The 57 contestants are separated into a total of 4 classes. I'm in the final class.

Out of all the 57 contestants, the top 10 students will be selected at the end of December 2012. The top 10 will be given opportunities to perform for various events between January to March 2013. Finally, a winner will emerge to win a car and a singing contract from Ocean Butterflies!

Our First lesson has commenced last Sunday.

It's a meet-&-greet session where all 57 contestants were to come up with their very first singing performance in front of their classmates.

Images powered by CASIO EX-JE10 Camera

Bringing out my brand new CASIO EX-JE10 camera for the first time, whee~!
It's so light and tiny!





Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

Pampering myself with Gong Cha (Earl Grey Milk Tea, sugar level 30% rocks!) while waiting for the performance to start.

Took my attendance at the main OB counter:
Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

The dance studio was converted into a cosy performance area on Sunday:
Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

They printed my 2nd chinese character wrongly. It should be ‘家’:

Text function Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

Miniature function powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

Totally not paying attention to my very own classmate, Tai Zheng aka Superman, who is having his rehearsal before the actual performance. HAHA:

Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

Another classmate of mine, Jia Ling. She's performing 爱如潮水 by Jeff Chang:

Self-portrait (2 people) function powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

I'm so glad that I got to go up-close with the 2 bubbly emcees of the day.
Introducing Vee(left) & Irwin(right) from Sunsilk Academy Fantasia.

Thanks for bringing so much laughter into the tensed room.

Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.


Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

The shots from the camera are blurred if you move about too much:

Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

Our 1st performance, 粉末登场

Anxious parents & supportive friends waiting outside for their loved ones:

Some friends even made flash cards to support their loved ones, Sam & You Xuan.


This is Sam:

His name is really extraodinary because it's Sam Peng You, read as "Sam 朋友(friend)".
I think he's in my class, WOHOOOO~!

I like the way he sings too. It's the confident Faye Wong style.

Irwin and Vee gets the ball rolling by inviting the teachers to give a welcome speech:
Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

Teacher Wu Jian Feng welcoming all of us:

Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

Vocal instructor Liu Zhi Wen sharing with us some insights of his vocal training lessons:

Our instructor who'll help us discover our body gestures & better enhance them so that we'll look better when we perform:
Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

Yiyang finally made it here from school for our performance!
Yesu Yesu.

Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

Soki has a very special voice. 
Despite being a guy, he performed Zhang Hui Mei's song in her original key! I can't even reach please~

Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

Young 14 year old Alton performing Lin Jun Jie's 害怕:


I'm seriously impressed by how he handled the emotions of the song so well. In fact, I realise the younger contestants were able to express themselves through the songs better than the rest.

Zhou Man Jun, 14 years old:

=== Familiar face alert ===
YY from Channel U's School Superstar:
Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

=== Another familiar face alert ===

Hanrey Low from Let's Talk.
He's starring in the latest Jack Neo's Boys To Men Movie!

Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

This classmate... urmmm... I forgot her name but remembered that she performed her self-composed song titled Idol, for someone whom she used to like a lot and who now has become her boyfriend! Her boyfriend is Mr Singapore 2012, Mai-siao-siao! She takes part beauty pageants too.

She sat down on the chair because Vee commented how tall the classmate was:



Tai Zheng Aka Superman performed Forever Love.
He's in MY CLASS, YES AH!:

Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

Jia Ling performed her show impressively too! I'm really proud to have a classmate like her, dedicated and professionally finished her show. She was the final performer for the day.


I was the 2nd last performer and by the time it was my turn, my body was aching from top to bottom and totally brain dead paying FULL attention to the rest of my classmates' performances in order to complete my homework.

I even wrote notes okay!


Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

Powered by CASIO EX-JE10 camera.

My class schedule is out! YAY:

From Instagram.

Spontaneous Irwin and Vee gave an impromptu performance upon our request. 

The class ends with group photo shots with our instructors & our emcees:



Cast your VOTE for Contestant VS411, MINT LEONG!!!

There'll be a public voting system in which your vote will carry a 30% weightage in determining the Top 10 V singer finalists.

Please help me fulfil my dream to sing.

This singing contest is EXTREMELY important to me because being in Top 10 means I am ONE MORE step closer to performing on a bigger stage; my dream.

Kitten Eyes


Cast a vote by clicking the 'Like' button on MY PHOTO on the V-singer FACEBOOK PAGE.
MUST BE ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE, not anywhere else.

Look for this photo:

Vote For Mint Leong

STEP 1: LIKE V-singer Facebook Page here.
STEP 2: LIKE my Photo on V Singer FB Page here.
STEP 3: Spread the word to your friends & family to vote for me!

**'Thank you' in Hokkien

Voting Starts from: 01 NOV 2012, 12PM 
Voting Ends on: 29 DEC 2012, 12PM

is held by:


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