Monday, November 19, 2012

V Singer 2012: Class D

Introducing My Bubbly Classmates from my V Singer 2012 Class~

My lessons will never be the same without them: A group of happy, vibrant, cheerful classmates. 
We can laugh all day together. 
We'll get lunch together.
We help one another to improve: dance, singing techniques, choosing songs to perform etc.

With them as company, who cares that my Sundays are burnt?

VOTE for them at the V Singer 2012 Facebook Fanpage too! 

Most of them have nicknames by now.

Front Row(left to right): Stella, XiJia(Jia Jia), Huimin, Yimin

Mid Row(Left to right): Me, Jia Hui (Jia Hui Jie), Ting Lin (Chen Lin), Tian Mi (Honey), 
Jia Yi(Jazz), Chia  Ling (Jia Ling)

Back row(left to right): Asst Monitor - Kai Zheng (Superman), Monitor - Sam Peng You (Spiderman), Soki, PinQuan (PQ),  Jonathan Chai 


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