Wednesday, December 2, 2015

#WeAreOneFirst At Our First BTO Appointment


Yes, the first of the many missions which MinutemanSG and I are set out to accomplish as a typical Singaporean Couple. We finally got our BTO almost a year after our engagement - Another milestone reached for #WeAreOneFirst!

Sidenote: OneFirst is a pet name we created for ourselves which is a combination of 'the only one' and 'the first person we think of in life'. In addition, the number '11' is the man's favourite number, which symbolises 2 champions standing together. I really like this metaphor.

Something unconventional to break apart from the usual BB, baby, The Boyfriend, Dear, darling, honey, wifey, hubby....

BTO stands for Build To Order.
In Singapore, houses are opened for sale before they are actually built.
If you are above 21 years of age, you and a partner/parent can apply for a BTO together.

A BTO flat is much more affordable than a resale flat in Singapore.  

At the first appointment, the couple will have to choose and confirm your house unit and thereafter, give a SGD$2000 CASH/NETS refundable deposit to confirm your choice.

From the initial look of the map where our BTO is, I think our place going to be a calm, peaceful and quiet neighbourhood, a place where I know I'm going to totally enjoy admiring the river, the low rise estates and long walks in the park with Bubble Leong.

I'm sure a lot of people are flooding online information about BTOs:

-  10 things You Need To Know At Your First BTO Appointment
-  Dummy guide to BTO
-  BTO for Dummies
-  What To Do At Your First BTO Appointment
- BTO in numbers
- Easy Guide To BTO
etc etc etc.

Information about Applying for a BTO can be found via the HDB website HERE.

Anywhere don't worry lah, there's so much guidance from your agent in-charge and requests for necessary documents will be mailed to you before the appointments. For certain, our agent is really patient and understanding knowing that I'm a freelance and that my accounts are all over the place. She's helping us every step of the way and we are thankful for that.

I'm just gonna be doing an extremely extremely ordinary diary post here containing my excitement about finally got a place of my own with #myDreamGuy.


I did it.

See you in 2017/18, New Place!

Thank you everyone, for this 5 minutes of your time reading this very uninformative yet extremely essential milestone of my personal life.

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