Friday, December 4, 2015

N.E.mation! 10: Team ZLS and Their Interactive Soccer Skills

Having gotten to know our 2 teams last week, we were eager to visit them again this week to check on their progress! And we brought a couple of surprises this week for our teams too!

[MinuteManSG: "Supplies!!"]


If you don't know what we are talking about, [MinuteManSG: "Or why I'm always interrupting with my square brackets."] you should catch up on our first N.E.mation! 10 visits first:


Before we kicked off with our official visit, we gathered both Teams together to play a little ice-breaking game called 'Give Me Tempo, Ready Go!'.

We had lots of fun and laughs while getting to know remember each others names a little better through the game! And in the end, we even had a mini-competition where Tanya from Cedar3 emerged as the winner! Congratulations again Tanya! We hope you like your prize!

[MinuteManSG: "But oops! We forgot to take photos of the winner and her prize presentation!"]

At least managed to get a group photo of all of us together! Yay!

Because we headed to Cedar3's working area first, Team ZLS went back to their working area to catch up on some of their work while we chatted with Team Cedar3. And when we got back to Team ZLS's working area, everyone was hard at work doing their part for the team!

Each of them had a specific role...

Shofia: Bringing the main characters to life

Shao Jun (on the right):
The background designer (with the help of Lutfi in the middle)

And Zhi Xiang (in the blue windbreaker): The team leader and drawer of the bad guys (opponent's team)!

[MinuteManSG: "Apparently Team ZLS really loves their Milo, as we can see from their waste bin.Maybe they are in cahoots with the legendary Milo Thief!"]

Colin really seem to like peeking into waste bins. >-.- "<

They even have more milo treats and M&M brain food stocked up on their tables!

But we didn't dare to touch any of them because this was what happened to the last 'person' who tried to take their snacks...

[MinuteManSG: "Mr Quack quack was hung from his little neck neck."]

Shao Jun gave us a little demo of how he drew in the background designs after the main images have been done up. See those blue lines on screen? Those are the outlines of the stadium where the match is taking place. We always thought that the backgrounds were drawn first before the actual scenes, but I guess we learn something new every day right?

It also seems that the teams are starting to get to know the rest of the other teams and making new friends in the process! That is what friendly competition is all about! Here's a little encouragement from Team Cedar3!

We managed to pull them away from their work to play a little soccer with them! Here we are looking calm and collected while posing with the soccer ball...

[MinuteManSG: "The key word is LOOKING"]

But it was quite a different scene when we were actually playing.

We also brought along a little juggling ball that we used to choose who was the lucky ones to answer our questions. Me and Colin took turns standing with our backs facing the team, and they would stand at random positions before we threw the ball backwards. And the person closest to the ball would be the one to answer our question!

Q1: (To Zhi Xiang) How does it feel being the team leader of Team ZLS?
Zhi Xiang: Actually... *blush*

Zhi Xiang is really so shy!

[MinuteManSG: "Mint's turn!"]

Q2: (To Lutfi) Was it difficult to integrate back into the team since you only came back during the end of the first week of production?
Lutfi: At first I was a little lost, but with the guidance of our instructors and help of my group members, we now have a better idea of what each of our roles are.

Q3: (To Shofia) How does it feel being the only girl in the team?
Shofia: Sometimes when I'm doing work, the boys are playing soccer to de-stress themselves. But I guess they are boys so I don't really mind it.

[MinuteManSG: "Come on guys! How can you leave Shofia out of the fun! Next time you must get Shofia to join in when you are playing soccer ok? Then after that, go back to your work area all ready to get more work done together as a team!"]

We challenged the boys to teach Shofia and me a new soccer trick every week, so by the end of the 3 weeks, we would have learnt 3 new soccer skills!

We didn't manage to get a full group photo last week because Lutfi was overseas, so we had to take another group wefie this week with the whole team! Everyone say LUTFI!

Lutfi also shared with us an interesting story about his name. He told us that his name was supposed to be Lutfi, but his dad accidentally made a mistake and wrote his name as Lufti in his passport!

And just as we ended our session with Team ZLS, all the teams were gathered for a debrief of the day's activities by the one and only Mr K!

I think we should really take a moment to thank all the instructors for their diligence and hard work guiding all the finalists along. Some of them might seem strict and not so friendly, but it's only because they don't want any of the teams to end up struggling to finish their projects.

[MinuteManSG: "Three cheers for all the instructors!"]

Hip hip Hooray!! Hip hip Hooray!! Hip hip Hooray!!

Visit N.E.mation! 10 to find out more about this contest.

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