Thursday, December 3, 2015

N.E.mation! 10: Cedar3 And Their Most Unconventional Painting Tools

Having gotten to know our 2 teams last week, we were eager to visit them again this week to check on their progress! And we brought a couple of surprises this week for our teams too!

[MinuteManSG: "Supplies!!"]


If you don't know what we are talking about, [MinuteManSG: "Or why I'm always interrupting with my square brackets."] you should catch up on our first N.E.mation! 10 visits first:


This week, Miss Koala visited Team Cedar3 during their 2nd week of production to check on their progress!

The bubbly girls from Cedar3 only took 3 seconds to recognize me! They are so smart! 
[MinuteManSG: "I think it also works the other way round..."]

Before we kicked off with our official visit, we gathered both Teams together to play a little ice-breaking game called 'Give Me Tempo, Ready Go!'.

We had lots of fun and laughs while getting to know remember each others names a little better through the game! And in the end, we even had a mini-competition where Tanya from Cedar3 emerged as the winner! Congratulations again Tanya! We hope you like your prize!

[MinuteManSG: "But oops! We forgot to take photos of the winner and her prize presentation!"]

At least we managed to get a group photo of all of us together! Yay!

[MinuteManSG: "So what have the girls been up to for the past week?"]

Well, let's take a look!

Looks like they have been busy painting! But wait, did you notice something peculiar in the photo above?

[MinuteManSG: "You mean other than the pixelated painting?"]

Apart from that... Did you notice that those don't look like normal paintbrushes that they are holding in their hands...

[MinuteManSG: "They look pretty normal to me..."]
That's because you're abnormal by nature.

Anyway, that is what actually makes their paintings so special! Part of their project is to use unconventional tools to complete their paintings! Just take a look at some of the creative 'paintbrushes' that they have been using...

See if you can spot all these creative 'paintbrushes' in the picture above...

Coloured chalk...

A whiteboard duster...

A scrubbing brush...

 A balloon...

Toilet bowl brushes!!

Even real lollipops!!!

[MinuteManSG: "!!!!!!!"]

Hold on... That isn't what you think it is. Those are FINGER GLOVES. You know, those things that you wear on your fingers when handling items which can be damaged by exposure to the skin's natural oils?

[MinuteManSG: "And my personal favourite: A real hammer! BOINK!"]

Ok... And they even have an authentic coffee sock!

And they even captured the entire painting process using a time-lapse video!

[MinuteManSG: "Well, technically until we came and brought them out of their working area, so now they have a time-lapse video of them disappearing  =P"]

Check out their instagram account @_cedar3 for more pictorial updates from the girls!

I'm sure many of you can't wait to see the actual results of their creative painting sessions. Unfortunately, you guys and girls have to wait for another week or so before the final animation is released to the public! And here's a teaser for you: They actually have more than just 1 painting!

In the meantime, here's a little aluminum boat floating peacefully across a clear blue sea to keep you calm and relaxed before the actual unveil.

[MinuteManSG: "Those are actually their hand-made disposable paint buckets because they said they were too lazy to keep washing bowls. Laziness is the mother of all invention."]

Another interesting fact we discovered about these girls was that they really really love their snacks! Check out their waste bin! 

[MinutemanSG: "Actually other teams also contributed to this because their waste bin was located near the entrance where everyone walked."]

To our surprise, these thoughtful girls even got us little gifts wrapped with handwritten notes. So sweet of them.

[MinuteManSG: "Awww. That's so sweet, but I still don't understand why a whole chunk of text is smaller than '3 CEDAR3'"]

Maybe you'll finally be able to get it next week.

Keep up the good work girls and we'll see you again next week!

Visit N.E.mation! 10 for more updates of the Top 10.

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