Sunday, December 7, 2014

Manicure Mermaid: A Home-based Nail Salon Located In CBD Area!

I've always been an avid supporter of dream-chasers.
I gave up a stable education job to explore the entertainment industry.
I never looked back since. 

I witnessed my friends quit banking jobs and now they are successful musicians, 
lawyers-to-be now doing full time photography,
Full time HR employees starting their own fashion boutiques and eventually, their own fashion brand.

Just to name a few. 

So when my best friend from secondary school decided that she wants to start her own nail salon, I'm all set to support her nail business to the best I can. 

Imagine, we were sitting at this cafe having tea and yummy ice-cream waffle 2 months back, chit-chatting about our future goals and POOF! 

Manicure Mermaid is born. 

My best friend, Sharlene, has always been a diligent, future-oriented, smart and creative person from the first day I know her (We were 13 years old then. She's my classmate who sits in front of me.). From our school days til we eventually starting out in the work force, she's always one step ahead of me and in control of her life in terms of success and focus.

She has a '大姐' image and I've always looked up to her for advice in life. 

Our birthdays are just 1 day apart in January. 
They say Capricorns are highly ambitious, practical, down-to-earth, determined and has a strong sense of responsibility.

I can't agree more. 

Sharlene takes pride in her work and is FOCUS in getting what she wants in life. 

And now, this little dream of Sharlene is coming true, taking baby steps at a time. 
I'm proud to have her doing my nails for me from now on and can't wait to explore into the beautiful world of nails and blings with this special friend of mine. I'm updating her wonderful designs on the side bar and my instagram as we progress so keep in touch!

Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day is just around the corner.
Contact Sharlene in advance at Manicure Mermaid for your nail appointments.

Ironically, Manicure Mermaid is a Singapore home-based salon which is located in town. It's strategically located super near raffles, cityhall, clarke quay, boat quay and even chinatown.
Plus, it's only a few bus stops from Orchard, Bugis, Outram and Shenton way.

So get your gelish manicure services done in CBD area, yet at home-based salon prices!

Manicure Mermaid provides ONLY Gelish-Manicure services. 
By Appointment Only.
Contact/Text: 91553621

Here's a set of mermaid and sea inspired Gelish Nails for me to celebrate Sharlene's first milestone in setting up this business, hurray!

Sis, 加油加油!
I hope with all my might that one day Manicure Mermaid will grow into a shop-front, chain outlets, organisation,  international! Success always starts with a dream and someone who's willing to risk and go all out for it.

"Give up, give in or give it all."

I'm ending this post with the most beautiful quote I've ever came across.
I chanced upon this quote at Hong Kong, The Avenue Of Stars:

"What is now proved was once imagined."
~William Blake

With love,
Mint Mint

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