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[Mint.Music.Event] The Movie Felt So Real! - The HungerGames:Mockingjay Part 1 With Dolby Atmos

My first experience with Dolby Atmos was watching Life Of Pi at GV Max.

If I could, I would want you to personally experience how realistic it is to watch movies right now. 
Also if it's been awhile you watched a movie show, it's about time you catch the upcoming The Hunger Games:Mockingjay Part 1 with Dolby Atmos.

Why do I say so?

With this new Dolby Atmos audio technology, I thought I was watching the show within the movie itself!  

It's a personal thing. 
Go for this 'feel every dimension' experience with Dolby Atmos and you'll know what I mean.

#Selfie with Dolby Atmos and Smithankyou

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The planes are coming right at us, run!
Enemy footsteps are coming from right behind us, hide!
Now I can hear you even when you're whispering to your friend so softly at the underground shelter?!

How did I manage to hear all these?!

The Dolby Atmos Technology

This video will share with you about the new cutting-edge, sound technology. It shows you how the speakers in the movie theatre are placed and where they are located to provide sound effects which are accurate in angles, clear and sharp. 

This video also clearly explains how this latest technology is able to create sounds which are realistic, immersive and able to provide its audience with a 360 degrees experience. 

Watch here about the Dolby Atmos Surround sound technology:


But it's true!

The real experience of watching and listening to this video in the theatre happened on me.
 I could hear the chopper flew across the room, hovered from the left to right of the theatre.The unexpected lightning strike right next to me and made me jumped!

Transporting Myself Into The Movie 

With the realistic sounds I hear from all aspects from where I'm sitting, I can easily sense if an enemy is approaching from behind, hear the terrified victims inhaled deeply and fast, even pick up the slightest whisper from a patient in the hospital murmuring and wondered if the female lead was the true Mockingjay.

I can literally feel every emotion from the movie based on what I see and hear.
I close my eyes and feel like I'm in the show itself, wherever Mockingjay is.

The tension, the movements, the breathes,
I HEARD them all; and felt.

From the loud explosions, the roaring sounds of fighter jets flying past above us, to the soft purring of the cat, Mockingjay playing with her a bead as she thinks in her room, the cracking sounds of the bunk beds in the shelter and more. These high-definition and clear sound effects were accurately captured and projected by the speakers.

The part where the female lead sang The Hanging Tree solo by a stream is simply CAPTIVATING. 
I felt her fear, yearning and loneliness in midst the calm and serenity of mother nature.
It was as if she was singing into my ears, my heart...

Click HERE to listen if the video can't play.

It is truly amazing.
I'm thrilled and even more willing to watch movies at cinemas with the Dolby Atmos technology.
Like I've mentioned earlier,  the whole movie-watching experience has become so realistic with the big screen and sound technology it was as if I'm at District 13 with everyone else.

Dolby Atmos is truly everywhere.
Earlier I mentioned that I experienced mine at GV Max Vivocity and Cathay JEM.

For an even more personal experience, get your very own Onkyo Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers for home theatre. 

To find out more about Dolby Atmos and other sound Dolby-
related technology, please visit

Dolby Atmos,
Ah Beng Smith and I approved!

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 + Dolby Atmos checked and waiting for Part 2.
In fact, I would LOVE to watch the Minions movie with Dolby Atmos as I would love to hear those indestructible yellow minions chatting with their minion language as they fly above and around me. 

*pachichuchu, kuchakucha*
Minion language!

Kung Fu Jungle would also be another great movie to enjoy with Dolby Atmos. I'm sure there will be lots of martial arts fight scenes and it would be awesome to be able to hear the wind of every punch and kick as the fight progresses. This would definitely bring the fight scene to a whole new level.


When was the last time I had a friends' group outing?
After catching The Hunger Games, we gathered and head down for a casual prawning session nearby.

My much needed friends' outing , yay!

Prawning with MinutemanSG

Front row left to right: William, Cookie, Me, Maybeline, James, Eugene
Back row left to right: Colin, Kevin

Click on their names and read on their personal experiences about Dolby Atmos too!

 Happy Day!
Movies experiences just got better~

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