Monday, November 17, 2014

In Search For My Perfect Wedding Bands: Love And Co.

Ever since we came back from our Hong Kong trip where Colin had planned a magical Hong Kong Disneyland wedding proposal, friends have been asking when we'll be tying the knot. 

My response is always,
"Not so soon la. It'll be at least 1 year later. 
We need to plan and save up for our big day first right…"

Of course, wedding preparations are already ongoing BUT we are only in the brainstorming phase right now. I know you're anxious, so am I but let's wait patiently for the big moment okay?

"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet." 
~Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Looking Out For The Perfect Wedding Bands

It's most fun being in the brainstorming phase!
I swear I'm going to take my time here.
Colin and I have decided to take our time to explore options, ideas and even thought of planning crazy stuff for our wedding. At this stage, anything and everything is possible to do!

We're also at this stage where we can spend hours admiring the different types of wedding bands we desire when we tie the knot. First of all, thank you Love & Co. for extending your invitation to Colin and I to your exclusive event the moment we're back from Hong Kong!

*I put on a total of 8kg since my Taiwan + Hong Kong trip, fml*

A Royal Affair With LVC Aqueen

The most versatile creation of Love & Co's craftsmen, the LVC Aqueen can transform itself into different permutation of styles with the simple rearrangement of the built-in bands made of high quality gold and diamonds.

I like how I rearrange them according to how I like it, wear it with the diamond layer or just the plain one with a beautiful craving of the monarch butterfly, which symbolises a new beginning. 

The LVC Aqueen Collection

Image from Love & Co. website

You can do the same arrangements as you like with the LVC Aqueen necklace and bracelet.

YES, we'd like to try them on please!
Oh by the way, my nails were done by Cherpetite Nails.

As much as I love the design of the LVC Aqueen collection, I'd love to keep wearing my proposal ring together with my wedding band. I'd need lesser layers on my finger to balance the overall look.

Thankfully at the Vivocity showroom, we got to go through a ring analysis to match our preference to suggested ring styles as well as a relationship personality quiz to match our love story to a modern-day royal couple.

Here are the other wedding bands collections I tried on, in search for my perfect wedding bands.

Love & Co. Wedding Band Series

LVC Noeud

Like a ribbon, two rows of diamonds are carefully set and secured on the band by four knots; each representing key elements in a long lasting relationship - Faith, Honesty, Patience and Endurance.

One of my other favourites - LVC Promise

The polished 'L' like a lover's embrace to represent eternal love.

LVC Eterno

The LVC Eterno comes in different layers of diamonds to choose from.
Trying the different thickness made me discover just what I needed for my wedding band, something thinner between 1 - 2 layers would be perfect!

Something like this classic diamond-layered wedding band would match my proposal ring perfectly.

After rounds of trying, we found the design that we'd want to go for when it's time.
My ideal design of my wedding band - LVC Desirio

Absolutely love it, love it, love it!
Colin likes the design a lot too - graceful and elegant.

Love & Co. Exclusive Box Packaging!

If there's one more thing I love about Love & Co, it's their ring bearer boxes!
And no, we can't BUY them.

They are exclusively limited to Love & Co. collections only and different collections comes with different box designs. 

For instance, this special crystal ring bearer box will be given away with every Love & Co. engagement ring purchased, top with a mini swing and two bears.

To try my luck, I asked if I could buy the box and no I can't, nooooo…..
I really really really LOVE the packaging!


For the LVC Proponere collection, you'll get this intricately designed ring bearer box.
The ring bearer box can only be opened when the two keys are used. 

These exclusive boxes, I want!!!

Caricature Momento
The event ended with Colin and I receiving a couple-caricature sketch done by Adam, a talented and most entertaining caricaturist. He made us laughed with his wonderful sketch of us- bravo Adam!


But how come got 3 pairs of legs ah?

What an eye-opener to the world of wedding bands!

Visit any Love & Co. showrooms today to try their elegant collections!


  1. Some great collection of eternity wedding band you have shared. Thanks for sharing this awesome collection.

  2. How come got 3 pairs of legs AH????????? Ahem~

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