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Transform Beautiful Photos From Your Phone/Computer To Polaroids With FJF Instax Prints

Pet owners know this best:
You can never get your pet to pose properly for the camera!

It's so difficult to get desired photos of my toy poodle, Bubble Leong.
Needless to say if I were to take Instax Prints for him. 

I'll most likely get these images:

*Come Bubble, take picture*

Type 1: The Not-Show Face

Type 2: Blur Like Sotong
They are moving so much and fast you can't get a clear image of them. 

Type 3: Mr Grumpy
This will be the type I'll end up with Bubble most of the time. 
By now he is either sulking and frowning after XXX times, you can tell from his eyes.

*Okie no crying*

Imagine how many films would go to waste here.
They are not cheap too, one bag of 10 Instax films would cost about S$10.

Best shot of him so far at the end of the day after almost 25 shots:

Golden moments of him smiling are candid shots taken while he's playing, outside or when I just get home.

Bubble Leong happy to play with #DuffyThePuppy at Peggy's.
Two happy dogs that day!
Photo credit: Peggy Heng

Evening walk with MinutemanSG:

 Look at that smile when Bubble saw me walking towards him! 
This shot was taken when both of them were waiting for me outside the mall.

Photos capture special moments, in fact any moment we'd want to remember in life. 
I never used to like taking photos until my Buddy left me when I was younger. He is someone who loves taking pictures and I regretted only having limited photos of us together - and these photos are found in his Panasonic camera phone. 

Now I keep plenty of life moments and I'm thankful for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where I share and keep them safe. 

But are they really?

Flipping through these photos on my phone, I think of printing them out in hard copies.
I imagine how great it'll be to be able to make them into instax prints!

My wish came true when I got to know FJF Instax Prints!

Girlfriend Joyce started this Instax Printing Service helping us to print their digital photos onto the Instax films. She blogs at

Transform your beautiful digital photos into Instax Prints!

This is done using the Instax Share printer.
Over at FJF Instax Prints, your photos will be properly aligned before print.

So I sent 5 of my favourite photos I'd like to print to her at
I also gave her my mailing address!

Photo 1: "Let's get married!" 

Taken at Taizhong, Rainbow Village by the Rainbow Ironman who busks at the main entrance last month. 
I've no idea what we were in for until he showed this photo to us.

We were actually pointing to the sky but this photo shows us pointing to the signboard which says 'Let's Get Married!'. *Blush*

Photo 2: "Happy Birthday, Best Friend!"
It's a surprise birthday party for my first best friend, Silver Ang, with the help of William, Yuhao and their friends! This is the first time in my life ever celebrating a brithday for a best friend so it's really memorable.

I really love this photo max!

Photo 3: "I wait for you at home k?"
Bubble's usually sits with splitting hind legs but it's the first time he sat down upright at the door properly, as if to tell me 'Mummy, go to work with ease.Don't worry I'll take care of the house while you're gone!' 

By the way, this was the FIRST Shot of him.
Good photo day for my pet dog that day.  

Photo 4: "meimei can have my toy"
Bubble's first encounter with MiuMiu the Pomeranian. 
She's was flown in from overseas and it was her first day in Singapore. 
She fell in love with his pineapple toy.
Bubble spent the next few minutes watching her play with his toy, wondering what to do and decided to give it to her because she haven't any yet.
His -_- expression is purely epic.

Photo 5: "Here's To Montigo!"
My first 'all-girls' family trip with my 2 aunts and mummy to Montigo. 
All 3 of them took turns to take care of me since I was a baby and they mean the world to me.
I always feel at ease with them around.

Group selfie in the white villa

FJF Instax Prints Unveils

The Instax Prints are here within in a week and yes they are beautiful!
Properly aligned, prints out were clear and not over-exposed.

Hurray, thank you Joyce!

Look, Bubble's front and clear image on an Instax Print!
How cool  is that~

FJF Instax Prints Is Having A Promotion

Print a minimum of 5 prints to enjoy the $1.10 per print rate instead of the usual $1.20 print rate.
Quote 'Mint' to enjoy this promotion when you email in your order.

Normal postage is waived for the month of August.

Here's the usual charge for your reference.

Photo taken from FJF Instax Prints Facebook Page 

1-20 Prints @$1.20 per print
21-49 Prints @$1.10 per print
50 Prints and above @$1 per print

Normal Postage @ $0.80.
Registered Postage @ $3.

For further information and testimonies, please email Joyce at or visit FJF Instax Prints Facebook Page HERE.

I like how my friends are always so inspiring and takes pride in their passion and work.
All the best to FJF Instax Prints!

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