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[Mint.Lifestyle] Eyebrow Embroidery and NOT Eyebrow Tattoo At Allure Beauty Saloon

Of course there's a BIG DIFFERENCE between both.

For the traditional Eyebrow Tattooing, the end results will turn out something like this: 

Image taken from Google Search

2 streaks of black patches literally 'piak' on your face.

Technology has advanced.
Friends who've done your Eyebrow embroidery at Allure Beauty Saloon will turn out to have natural-looking eyebrows like what these beautiful ladies have: 
Left: Silver Ang, Ambassador of Allure Beauty Saloon
Right: Angela, founder of Allure Beauty Saloon
Image taken from Google Search

The eyebrows look so natural~ 

And the Eyebrow Embroidery that I did with them turns out like this:

Now I don't have to draw my eyebrows anymore hurray!
By the way, the knitted & gold glitter designed gelish nails were done by: @CherpetiteNails


To begin with, I've always have really thick eyebrows. 
Here's proof but quick glance please. 

Classmates used to call me Miss Crayon Shin.
It wasn't until 18 years old when I started to trim my eyebrows for the very first time.

After getting my eyebrows trimmed neatly, I discovered that there are little empty holes in my eyebrows. 
The growth of my eyebrows weren't complete as much as they are thick.
I still have to draw and fill up those empty holes.

Notice the inner portion of my right eyebrow (LEFT of picture), it's 'empty' as you can see. 

There, take a closer look:

In fact it wasn't me who've discovered them, it was Angela, the founder of Allure Beauty Saloon! She was personally trimming my eyebrows for me when she told me and I was like, omg you're right. They used to be at the tip of my eyebrow though!

I love Angela's smile! 
It's so contagious it makes my day.

She immediately arranged for Mango to execute Mint's Eyebrow Rescue Mission! 


Step 1: Applying Numbing Cream And Colour Test

Mango set off to apply numbing cream and colour test for me just to make sure my skin isn't sensitive.
YES, you need to pass the chemical test FIRST in order to receive the full Allure Beauty services. 

At the same time it's great to meet this nonsenical woman again.
Only she will do idiotic unglam photos with me, after my 2 soul-mates.

Celine and her ultimate sense of humour;
 I can laugh ALL DAY with her and I don't care if I get tummyaches or stitches!

--- fast forward to 30minutes later---

I pass the colour test and the numbing cream is finally taking effect.
Ready for the next step!

Step 2: Design and Sketch Out Your Desired Eyebrow Shape

Mango then move on to draw and design my eyebrow first.
Here at Allure Beauty Saloon, they don't just start the embroidery process immediately.

At least I have a rough idea how it's going to look like rather than being shocked the hell outta me after they are done and I realise the shape and colour isn't what I want. 
That'll be too late, isn't it?

In this case, I feel safe and know what to expect at the end of the day.

This is how my eyebrow is roughly going to look like after I'm done. 

Natural isn't it? 

Not just colouring in but Mango filled with little empty patch with little black lines blending in with the rest of my eyebrow.

I like it!

Step 3: Start Eyebrow Embroidery Service

Next, Mango led me to a private room to begin the eyebrow embroidery service.
I'm damn scared because I was afraid it'll be painful!

Super worried look on my face when Mango was preparing the blade.

Photos of my experience in the treatment room were taken by a good friend, Ruth Pang, whom I asked to be in the treatment room with me because I was damn scared. Ops.

Mango explaining the steps, the blade and the colour she's using for my eyebrows. 
I felt much more comfortable listening to her explanations.
I know that I was in good hands.

We're ready to start!

By the time she applied the first stroke, I was busy chit-chatting and cracking jokes with her because it just felt like her drawing with an eyebrow pencil, no pain wheee!

There, it's all done in 10minutes!

Step 4: Post Treatment

With a layer of colour protection cream to soothe the redness and protect the colour. It's menthol hence you get this cooling feeling.

I'm ready to face the world again!

Mint's Eyebrow Rescue Mission, SUCCESS.
Thank you, Mango!


Many thanks to you too, Angela, for recommending Mango to me!

Here's a close up picture of my eyebrow embroidery taken the next day:
Rest assure it's not going to be a whole patch of colour 'PIAK' on your face but lines which people might mistook for your real eyebrow.

Thank you Allure Beauty Saloon, see you in One Month's time for my follow up session and touch-up if required.

Thank You For Your Allure Invitation

Thank you Bff for inviting me to the Allure's All Girls' Private party where I got to meet so many chiobus in the house! Beautiful and real girls whose laughter and smiles filled up the entire saloon that day. 

It's the kind of people I simply feel at ease hanging out with for long hours.
Thank you all for being real and just being yourself, girls.
I enjoyed myself very much.


Front row from left: Beauty manager from Allure, Me, Silver, Juli, Fashrealm, Celine
Back row from left: Carrie Sim, Jacqueline Wong


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City Square Mall:
180 Kitchener Road #03-29/30 Singapore 208539
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  1. Very bad experience. Very pushy therapist. If the service and skills are good, we will come back again. No need to try to sell and persuade us to buy the most expensive package. Will not return and will not ask my friends to come too.

  2. Very bad skill. My eyebrow height of arch up n down. Pay SGD1000 plus yet colour fade away within a week.

    Will meet them and discuss on the corrective action. Hopefully they don't drag and push. Thought of doing this embroidery to save time yet create more problem for myself.