Monday, August 11, 2014

[Mint.Music.Journey] Behind The Scenes Of Crimewatch 2014 Episode 5 - Sextortion

Hey everyone,  I'm back from Taiwan!

First, I'd like to credit this next 30 seconds to thank these companies 
for dolling me up for my Taiwan trip!


Hair sponsored by Heritage Hair
Eyelashes Extension done by Milly's (S$75)
Nails sponsored by Lavishing Me

Thank you for bringing me so much convenience so that I can save time on the make up yet able to take great pictures during my trip. 

On a side note:
Taiwan is EXTREMELY HOT now.
So hot you feel yourself slowly being cooked when you are out on the streets. 
I would hop into every other air-conditioned store or convenient store just to break away from the heat.

10am felt like 12pm.
10pm felt like 2pm.
The temperature was at 30 degrees Celsius even when it was already 10pm at night.

For once, I'm thankful for Singapore's weather.

Of course, the most important people in my life were there with me:
My mummy, my bff Silver Ang and myDreamGuy MinutemanSG.

Two other friends were there with us too, Samuel and Wen Sheng. 
They are Colin's schoolmates. 

I finally met bff's beloved Dashund in person, Naiyou 
(which stands for 'butter' in mandarin)

He's in this pretty shade of buttery-brown and his eyes oh his eyes;
Naiyou must've been a heartbreaker in his previous life.

Eyewear by BallySG

At the end of the day, nothing beats the feeling of coming back home and spend private time with my OneFirst family - Colin and Bubble Leong

Bubble's latest haircut by Reiya Petshop is beautiful - that goody-goody look.
Check out the pictures on Bubble's Facebook page now and you'll know what I mean.
Thank you Fur-godmama Jewl for taking care of Bubble when we were away!

Now that I'm back, I've got tons of raw footage waiting for me to edit. 
10 episodes waiting to be released on roomiesTV featuring different local musicians and artistes, Colin's 30th Birthday Staycation at Crowne Plaza Hotel and Treasure Hunt plus now, the Taiwan travelogue.

I'd have to spend this month (and probably next) to work on those videos.
*So please pardon me for any lack of updates*

Would keep myself busy editing this videos because I really would love to share them with you!
But you know you can still follow me on Instagram and Twitter de hor. 


So before I *poof*, here are some behind-the-scenes pictures of my recent filming for Crimewatch.


It's been years since I've acted.
I've never thought I was an actor.
I can never act as someone else naturally, especially in front of the camera.
Not even this time and I hope you guys can pardon my flaws.

It was a last minute call up and I thought I would help since I was available on that day and yes, I have a soft spot for filming Crimewatch because I was given my first supporting role (I even had a name!) on this show.

This turns out to be one of the best assignments I've accepted.

Thank you Jimmy for this photo of me snapping behind-the-scenes!
Photo taken from Crimewatch Facebook Page

 Accepting this assignment is a bonus for me as I got to meet a long-time-no-see friend, Jimmy Law. 
It's been at least 3 years since I've met him so here's a selfie together!

The next happiest thing that could happen on the same day was bumping into Godpapa Chia - the same person who introduced me to Silver years back. Without him, I may never have spoken with Silver at all and needless to say, become bffs!

Jimmy busy snapping away for the crimewatch Facebook Page.

What do you do when the crew is busy setting up, 
the director making sure the script tally,
the other actors memorising their lines?

Take pictures of them of course!

Photo taken from Crimewatch Facebook Page

And pose for more candid shots!

Photo taken from Crimewatch Facebook Page

I think this is one of the simplest role in this episode of Crimewatch, playing the role of the counter staff. I was to help the suspect and victim check-in into my budget hotel (NOT HOTEL 81) and do a recall about seeing them when the police officers asked later. 

The rest of the actresses had to strip naked, pose for selfies, cry and even be interrogated.
Kudos to all of you!

The director rehearsing the lines with the police officers, Victoria and Chao Rong, and I:

Photo taken from Crimewatch Facebook Page

Sir and Madam (by the way they are really police officers in real life) trying to look for the 'CCTV' footage.  Ha-ha they are not here lah~
Ops you can see my phone and iPad here.

Photo taken from Crimewatch Facebook Page

Rehearsing with the 'suspect' for the check-in scene while the videographer is setting up his camera. 

Photo taken from Crimewatch Facebook Page

Camera set, ready and action!

Photo taken from Crimewatch Facebook Page

This episode is about Sextortion where young and single girls got cheated by this indian guy. 

As quoted on Youtube description:
He was looking for them on online chat room. Posing as an expatriate working in Singapore, he initiated exchanging naked selfie and worked his way up to ask for sex. When rejected, he threatened to expose their naked photographs. See how the officers from the Tanglin Police Division sprung into action and put a stop to this online criminal intimidation scam.

Ladies out there, please be careful when using online chats or apps.
These ridiculous men are out there, preying and trying to take advantages of us in every way possible.

Be on your guard.
Be safe. 
Take care of yourself.

Wait for my videos alrights but you definitely won't find naked pictures of myself inside. 

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