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Termination Of Ocean Butterflies Vocal Ambassadorship 2013

Termination Of Ocean Butterflies Vocal Ambassador Program Course 2013


Ocean Butterflies Vocal Ambassador

Why So Sudden?!
I'm writing this post with a heartache.

Fenny and Hanrey were in midst of the vocal class when they texted the rest of the classmates via our whatsapp group chat that Zhi Wen Laoshi said it was going to be THE LAST LESSON for us.

At first I thought Fenny and Hanrey was joking and rushed down to the school. They are telling the truth after all.

And I've bought gifts for everyone!

The Ocean Butterflies Vocal Ambassador Contract was supposed to be a 1-year contract until 31st December 2013 however that very night after our 'last lesson', I received an early termination letter from the music school on 24 June 2013 that this ambassadorship will be terminated as of July 2013; a double confirmation.

*sobs sobs*

Vocal Ambassador Ocean Butterflies

Need I say more?

Mondays just got more 'blues' because of the cancellation of my vocal classes.

I'm already missing Zhi Wen Lao Shi and his fatherly character. The termination also means I have so much lesser chances to see my chirpy classmates, Jacqualine, Rachell, Fenny, Abby, Silver, Yitian and Hanrey and singing with them.

I miss all the laughter and fun.
I REALLY MISS YOU ALL, Classmateys!!!
There wasn't any proper goodbye and see-you-again hugs.

A lot of regrets that I didn't attend the 'last lesson' because I just came back from overseas.

Ocean Butterflies Music Forest School

About the OB Vocal Ambasador Program Course

My vocal ambassador contract with Ocean Butterflies Music Forest was that I will receive 18 COMPLIMENTARY vocal lessons, one and a half hour each time conducted by Vocal Instructor, Liu Zhi Wen.

The vocal lessons were supposed to be held ONCE a week but was later changed to once every TWO weeks. Nevertheless, Zhiwen Laoshi is an extremely dedicated vocal teacher who will make sure he evaluates and give feedback for improvement to ALL his students before releasing us from his class.  The classes commenced in April'2013.

Nothing More.

Since I'm already talking about Ocean Butterflies, there are a few issues which I'd like to address and clarify about my life in Ocean Butterflies Music Forest to many of my friends who are confused about my identity in Ocean Butterflies.

An Ordinary Student of Ocean Butterfly Music Forest

I am only an ORDINARY STUDENT studying at Ocean Butterflies Music Forest.
So far.

Please don't be mistaken, friends.
The contract I signed with them is NOT:
- an artiste contract
- an album-cutting contract
- an artiste-grooming contract

I am NOT an artiste being groomed under Ocean Butterflies.
I am NOT receiving FREE lessons of any other sort from Ocean Butterflies except for the 18 vocal classes of which, is already terminated and I've not attended even half of them.

To learn music, I invested and paid for all my other lessons:
Intensive Keyboard Course (Mar- Apr 2013) : S$480
V-Singer Course (Nov-Dec 2012): S$2000
WDA Song Writing Course (Apr - coming Sept 2013) : S$9000 (90% WDA subsidised)
All music-related equipments required for the WDA music course: S$4000+++

I'm sharing my experiences of my music journey on my blog as memories of my growth because to me, learning music is a significant milestone in my life and Music is something I've always wanted to do since young. It just happened that all the classes I'm taking right now is organised by the music school and in my honest opinion, they are really fun so I want to share them with you, sincerely.

The teachers are dedicated.
My classmates are passionate and helpful.
The Staff are friendly.

So friends, please don't be mistaken that I'm contracted under Ocean Butterflies as their artiste that's why I've been given so many opportunities in singing/hosting/filming and media-related chances. I got these opportunities mostly by word of mouth (thanks to helpful kind souls who knows I need the income), email enquiries sent in via my blog and also me contacting the producers/organisers myself for auditions when I see the ads.

Having recently joined A Dam Funky Talents, I'm also blessed to be given more hosting opportunities and guidance from ADFT.

So PRs and marketing departments out there who are looking for music bloggers to do engagements for them, you know who to look for now. I know some of you are unsure whether I can or not.


Hosting For Ocean Butterflies Music Forest V-Singer

I hosted TWO of their events for them, the V-singer Showcase at Rhythms By The Bay and V-singer Finale at Bugis+.

I was PURELY HELPING OUT for both occasions as I was once a V-singer participant too. None of them were paid-hosting-gig-engagements and again, I blogged about them because I'm proud of my classmates and hope to garner more support for their performances!

Ocean Butterflies V Singer Finale
Photo credit: Charmaine of Ocean Butterflies Music Forest

Ocean Butterflies V Singer Finale
Photo credit: Charmaine of Ocean Butterflies Music Forest

Bottom: This was the actual group finale photo which was sent to the press but my face was cropped out in every single shot. Boo-hoo

Ocean Butterflies V Singer Finale
Photo credit: Charmaine of Ocean Butterflies Music Forest

Ocean Butterflies V Singer Finale
Photo credit: Charmaine of Ocean Butterflies Music Forest

Elton, congratulations for being the most Outstanding V-singer student!
Jiayou Jiayou and make us proud!

The S$9000 WDA Songwriting Program

For this course, students have to pay the course fee upfront before WDA will do a 'reimbersement', depending on the percentage of the subsidy between 70% to 90%.

Fortunately, I got the 90% subsidy wohooo!

Still, I have to pay S$9000 up front and will only get the full subsidy AFTER completion of the course, excluding all my music equipment. The past few months I've been feeding on grass technically speaking.

300 hours of intensive song writing training consisting:
Music Theory
Audio Engineering
Principles Of Melody and Lyrics
Song Analysis
Fundamental Vocal Training
Career Development
Logic Pro Techniques
Music History
and more to come.

Over the past 4 months, I've been trying to catch up with the standard of the class.
I still am.

The lessons are going too fast and my other classmates are too good.
Besides paying attention to class, we require a lot of practice.

So we are given plenty of assignments.
And they are a hell load of nightmares.
Just these 2 weeks alone, I have to write at least 3 new songs, record a vocal track, do a lead sheet translation and do up a karaoke track that sounds as similar to the original sound track as possible.


But everyone in class is pushing themselves to the limits.

Burn the midnight oil, skip meals, skip work, skip school, whatever you can skip.
Neglect girlfriend, neglect boyfriend, neglect friends, papa, mama, your pet hamster, whatever you can neglect.

Our passionate teachers are placed in the same spot as we are right now but because they treat us like their own children, watching us grow and took all their time and effort in guiding us along.

Among the students, we initiate whatsapp group chats, meet ups, tutorials, Facebook group to help one another.  The more pro-students are generously sharing their online tutorials and also help to guide the weaker students(like me) with their skills. Musicians in class volunteered to help record the instrumentt tracks they play despite having their own assignments to complete.

We work together like ONE big family.
For Passion.
For Love.

And these are values which are PRICELESS,
values you cannot find in most places and work now.

S$9000 is worthy; I'd say.
I got to meet so many awesome and heart-warming friends, people with love and passion.
People like bloggers, my music teachers and music classmates.

If there's another song writing course like this,
don't hesitate, JOIN!

Daniel Chai giving theory lesson:



Jack is my Logic Pro Instructor:

Rollin Koh, ur vocal instructor:

George Leong, our audio engineer instructor:


George Leong

My friendly classmates and Hua Chang Teacher behind this camera taking this class photo for us!
If there's any teacher more passionate, this person has to be Lee Hua Chang.
Read about Hua Chang here.


Everyone here is my inspiration and motivation.

So yup, milestones of my growth.
Opportunities come and go.
Seize every chance we have and make the best out of it.

My vocal ambassador contract with Ocean Butterflies has been terminated but I can still continue to learn and grow in music.

2 more months to completing the WDA Song Writing Course before I move on to the next phase in life.


Going to end this post with the last song I learnt from my Vocal Ambassador class on Harmonising. It's a song by Hebe titled "Hua Hua Shi Jie".
Super fail harmonising.
Have a good laugh.

PS: remember to plug in your earphones to hear better.

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