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Milch Part 1/2 + Blog Giveaway: Multi-carrying-style Bag At Milch

Dear Blog,  I AM BACK!

I miss you terribly.

I simply cannot remember what I've been doing because I'm someone who's dependent on jotting down memories (that includes blogging) to help me remember the happenings in my life since 14 years old.

It seems like my hectic schedule between hosting and singing, school and personal life has kept me away from blogging. I'm going to have to set aside BLOGGING time from now on.

The next piece of surprising news shocked my soul out of me.

I swear this comes as my biggest surprise ever because news were going around that the #OMYSBA2013 award winners have been contacted for their chinese names a day before the actual event ceremony.

Apparently, I wasn't called up.

I can't believe my ears when my name was called to receive the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 Best JBL Pop/Music Blog Award that I stared in disbelief for almost 1 minute!

Photo Taken By:
*Sorry Sze Ping, please forgiving me for grabbing this photo you tagged me on your Facebook. It's the only picture I got so far. Thank you!

Since we can't do a thank you speech that day,  I'd like to do it here.

First of all, Thank you OMYsg for organising the SBA2013.
The past 4 years of my life (and counting) with OMYsg  has been really fulfilling and fun!
All the travelling, eating, playing, contests, concerts, friends…

Doors of opportunities opened up for me and indirectly guided me towards this path where I can pursue my dream in music. Thank you for giving my blog such exposures to explore and learn, to meet new people and experience things I've never done before!

Thank you Judges!
Thank you for taking the time to read all our blogs.

Thank you VOTERS!
Your 30% meant so much to me and now a miracle has happened because you cared. I even know a few of you who have been diligently voting for me everyday and I mean EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  To each and everyone of you who has casted your previous vote for me, I'm so grateful to you and please know that I love you!

*Flying kiss*


I will continue to work hard, and I mean extremely extremely hard, to improve myself in music and make effort, even if I'm busy like a madwoman who hasn't sleep for 7 days and 7 nights, to find time to blog and share my music journey with all of you.

But don't mind my amateurish music works please.
I'm a start up!

That is why I need this blog ma: to pen down and read about how I grew up with NO REGRETS in years to come.


ONE more quick update before I move on to the highlight of this blog post:

06 July 2013


4th July - 7 July 2013 - Have been busy celebrating MinutemanSg's Burstday for him with different groups of friends and family. Also, I spent the entire week planning for his birthday surpriseS~

Getting his birthday cakes(he's got 3 this year), organising his friends together, random last minute birthday celebrations here and there, catch up dinners after dinners… I'll share with you about his JB surprise birthday trip which happened today, right after I finish publishing all the back-dating blog posts!

Oh yes, I wanna show you lots and lots of photos I took in Sydney(June 2013) as well!
Also I've prepared an archive of music and singing recordings I did over the past 3 months to share with you.

There's so much to update!
See when I tell you I really miss blogging badly.

Photo Taken by:

Celebrating his birthday at The Coffee Club (Wheelock Place) with myDreamGuy's friends from University.
Left clockwise: Fu qi, Owen, Shawn, David, Wei de, Chun Zhen and of course my babyboy. :)

Sneak peek into the JB Birthday Surprise Trip:
Birthday minutemansg

Birthday minutemansg

*Got Sneak Peek like never sneak peek. LOLx*

This is for Lily, Eric, Kristyn, Eddy, Wen Sheng and Sam, thanks for coming!
In addition, thank you Vicky for helping to coordinate the peeps together.
Alex, Alvin and Bev: Thanks for helping out with the planning too.
Tim Tim: Faster come back and meet us again!


Here comes the highlight of my post:

Milch Bikini

I'm really proud of my younger sister, Joey Leong.

She has always been the fashionista in the family. I'm impressed with her DIY make-up techniques, her dress sense,the way she can watch a youtube tutorial and easily do up that hairstyle for you, the way she can keep herself in tip-top shape all the time.

Talents I NEVER had and never will.

Joey even has her own fashion boutique selling bikinis, slippers, accessories, bags and female apparels at *SCAPE Underground -- Milch! On top of that, she've just given Milch a brand new makeover just 2 weeks ago, sunshine and happy. I'll show you in the next Milch post, you'll see.

The chio-max bikini designs are those you HAVE TO OWN.
Classic, funky, tropical, sweet, romance, elegant and more, take your pick!

My twitter and instagram account (@MintLeong) shows about my new love for Milch's orange sodapop high-waist bikini. My next Milch post will be about these chio-max bikinis!

My Orange Sodapop:
Milch High Waist Bikini


Her Multi-carrying-style bag (as the name of the bag hinted) allows you to carry this bag in different styles!

The combination of these different styles comes from the multiple buckles and the long bag strap so you can play around with the way you'd like to carry your bag on that day. The bag gives you different looks with every style changed, suited for different occasions.

Surprise your friends and colleagues with a new bag style everyday!

Here are a few styles I came up with for each day. I'm sure you'll be able to think of more.

For Monday: The Traditional school girl backpack.

Milch Bag

Milch Bag

Tuesday: The XXL school girl backpack.

Milch Bag

Wednesday Style: Side-Sling

Milch Bag

Milch Bag

Thursday: Long strap Tote bag.


Friday: The 'HAND' bag.

Milch Bag

Milch Bag

Saturday: Casual Tote.

Milch Bag

Sunday's style which also my favourite style: The one-side sling!

Milch Bag

Yeah, you can enlarge it to Xxl too!

Milch Bag

Milch bag

Grab yours before they are all sold out!

Choose your design except the striped ones because that's MINE.

Milch Bikini

Retail Price: S$35


Milch deals for the whole of Great Singapore Sale period (31st May-22 July):

Highwaist bikini are going at 2 for $100 (U.P:$55/set)
Other bikinis are going at 2 for $50 (U.P:$29.90/set)
*SCAPE is giving out $5 rebate voucher for students that spent more than $30 here.


Here's more bikini-fied deals EXCLUSIVELY & SOLELY for YOU until the end of July 2013!

~First 5 of YOU to show that you've liked Mint Leong's Facebook page to whoever's working at Milch gets to purchase the high waist bikini at special price of $40!
~EVERYONE else who shows that you've liked Mint Leong's Facebook page at Milch enjoys a further 10% off for other merchandise, except for the High-waist bikinis. That means 10% off for the bag, wohooooo!!!

Remember to show that you've liked Mint Leong's Facebook Page (CLICK HERE to Like) to whoever's working at Milch that day in order to be eligible for the blog promotions.

Blog Promotions ends on 31st July 2013.

MintLeong.SG Blog Giveaway

This is a personal giveaway (my most sincere way to show support for Milch) and to celebrate:
1) MintLeong.Sg for winning the BEST JBL Pop/Music Blog Award
2) MinutemanSG's birthday (random)
3) The opening of Milch

I'll be buying and giving away ONE multi-carrying-style bag(of your choice at Milch) to ONE of you who share any information about #Milch or/and this giveaway on your twitter/Instagram account.

Note the criteria to be eligible for the giveaway mentioned below.

1) Mention @MintLeong in your tweet/instagram
2) Hashtag #Milch & #MintBlogGiveaway in your tweet/instagram

A random tweet/instagram will be selected on 12th July to win the multi-carrying-style Bag bag worth S$35. Good Luck!!!

========== Winner Announced! ==============

The draw was conducted and recorded via this Instavideo on
Follow me (@MintLeong) on instagram if you haven't then u'll get to see whatever updates there, firsthand!

Congratulations Jaslyn Darling, hope you love your new bag!

For social media & other enquiries, Milch is on:
Facebook: (
Instagram: (


Show your LOVE people!

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