Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Join us at HKCplaza Beauty 'TesTeu Event this coming weekend!

HKC is now an 


HKCplaza is an online Mall from Korea with focus in asia market including Singapore(that's where I am!), Malaysia, Indonesia and The Philippines. It's a Korean-style community featuring korean beauty, fashion, snacks outlets and more of Korea!

In months to come, you'll feel like you're literally shopping in Korea!
Have fun~

Sneak Peak into their HKCplaza:

7th Floor – Cafe (Opening Soon)
6th Floor – Fashion (Opening Soon)
5th Floor – Jewelry (Opening Soon)
3rd Floor – Beauty and Makeup Studio (Renovation)
2nd Floor – Brand Shops
1st Floor – Professional Brands
Basement 1 – Lounge 
Basement 2 – Management Office

For a start, HKCplaza would like to send you a $10.00 mall voucher just by 
liking their Facebook page!  LIKE HKCplaza Facebook page here.

Sign up with them to receive attractive promotion updates here.
$10.00 mall voucher will be mailed directly to your email address registered with them!

Also, Join us at HKCplaza Beauty 'TesTeu Event this coming weekend,
13 and 14th July 2013.

What is HKC Beauty’TesTeu?

’TesTeu !
The word [ Tes ] = English "Test" (trying / experimenting).

The word [ Teu ] = 2 (minimum of 2 brands' products of the same type).
In Korean, "Test" is 테스트, pronounced as tese/u/teu and this is how ’TesTeu!is created!

Ever wish you could be part of the Editorial Teams from those Taiwanese or Japanese beauty / fashion magazine where they compare different types of skincare cosmetics?

Here's your chance!

Join this segment organized by HKCplaza where we (you, me - the public) on-the-spot try and conclude whether a product is more preferred more than the other of the same type, for example brand A's cleansing foam VS. brand B's cleansing foam!

Other than Beauty’TesTeu!,we will have other segments like Food’TesTeu!where we sample and vote live on the best ready-food, it can be instant noodles, snacks and many more. To even coordinating a look with similar colour but different silhouette of an apparel for Fashion’TesTeu!

Makeup’TesTeu!? - YES, you have guessed it correctly!
Either experimenting 2 makeup looks for a set of styling or voting for a preferred cosmetics.

Register for Beauty'TesTeu HERE in order for them to prepare your door gifts and refreshments! Being a Voter, you will receive additional appreciation gifts too! 

These are concurrent activities, it is not mandatory to participate, do not miss this opportunity.

Segment 1 ~
King Of BB CREAMS - Live Voting Of The Final Showdown.

Try 5 different BB Creams, compare e.g. oiliness, coverage, moisture, etc and vote for various key voting elements!


Segment 2 -
CC CREAMS - The Voted Preferred Choice.

 Do you know that there are 2 main types of CC Creams? - Color Control and magical Color Change! Get a good chance to have a close up, feel the difference between 2 main types and vote for your preferred type!


Please make yourself free this coming Sat or Sun (13th or 14th July), have fun with us!

*Various programs are ongoing from 12:00pm~05:00pm

This season's HKC Beauty' TesTeu! will be held at:

Singapore, Nail's D'vine
Dempsey Road, Block 26 #01-03A

Map of Dempsey Road, Block 26: http://www.dempseyhill.com/location.htm
Shuttle Bus: http://www.dempseyhill.com/images/Dempsey_Shuttle-Bus-Schedule_8-3-10.pdf

If you are arriving by taxi, we allow claim of up to SGD10.00* !

*Kindly inform in advance.
*In form of payment deduction.
*Deducted from any purchases (if any), can be products or services.
*No minimum spending.
*E.g. cab fee of SGD15.00, you are purchasing SGD18.00, total actual amount required for payment is only SGD8.00.
*Original cab receipt must be presented upon billing.
*Strictly not exchangeable for cash.

Every single vote counts, please accept the additional gifts that they will be preparing for you as a token of appreciation.

Foreign friends, HKCplaza welcomes you too! But if you are unable to make it, cheer up! We hope to bring our 'TesTeu! segments over to your Region too. Please stay tuned for updates

For more information about Beauty'TesTeu! and registration, please visit http://hkcplaza.com/beauty-testeu-singapore-13-14-july-2013.html

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