Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yes, there is such an event call Singapore Blog Awards and it's on its way!

 I feel my heart skip every a beat every year this banner pops up in my email:

To me, the Singapore Blog Awards is the most important event of the year where I get to meet the most interesting bloggers and give me a time to catch up with like-minded friends. Held annually, I'm forever amazed by the pace my blogger friends are growing, they look like 2 different people altogether every year I see them: more joyful, more handsome/pretty, more attractive! But but but, still hospitable and fun loving, I swear.

The Singapore Blog Awards is the brainchild of, Singapore Press Holdings' leading bilingual news and entertainment portal, and was created to honour independent content producers who devote their time and energy to create and maintain informative and innovative blog.

I'm in my 4th official year in the blogosphere. 
By being a blogger, you get to expose yourself to so much more interesting events & people...

So much about me have change; for the better that is.
The way I write, positive people whom I've met, interesting events I've attended...

Two more things which are still growing too:
1. My love for my BFFs
2. My love for blogging life.

Never have I ever regretted since the very day I decided to step into the blogosphere. Of course, unpleasant events DO happen, I won't say that my life is a bed of roses, but rarely.
NOTE: Haters are not even fit to be classified in either categories.

Friends have been leaving messages on facebook, whatsapping & calling me up, telling me how happy they are for me, that my life is 'so happening' right now...

I choose my life path,

I know I'm very "Lor Sor" but for those who've just started reading my blog, I'm going to share with you how I first started attending blog events:

The very first blog event which I attended was Singapore Blog Awards 2010. It was where I first met my BFF, Silver Ang and befriended like-minded friends HpilityYongwei, all thanks to William!
Sidenote: I know William from The New Paper Dating Challenge.

My new found friends were so friendly, they invited me to their events and from there, I was introduced to more bloggers and made even more friends! Their friends introduced to me to even MORE of their friends and I ended up going for even more events!
The cycle goes on~

In midst of all these, I joined the OMY BLOG CLUB.

OMY blog club is a platform for ANY bloggers, regardless of whether you are new or already is a blogger, regardless of your blog interest. When you join OMY blog club, you'll be invited to blog events like movie gala previews, concerts and sometimes even get new products to review! Most of all, you get to meet other bloggers too!

No registration fee is required. 
As long you own a blog: blogger, wordpress, sina or whatever blog, you will receive email invitations if you sign up to join the community of OMY Blog Club. Whenever you blog for their events, you'll also be featured in their blog site! Even if you only have ONE reader reading your blog at this point of time, you can join too. The purpose of this blog club is to help you get more exposure.  Even if you blog in MANDARIN, you can join too. OMY is a bilingual online portal.

IKR, it's so cool~

By the following year, I was nominated and shortlisted as one of the finalists for the 'Best Social Media Integrated Award" & "Best Tech Award". 

The theme for Singapore Blog Awards 2011 was 'historical characters'. Even though I didn't win any of the special awards, I got a pleasant surprise when the guests voted for me as the Best female dressed blogger in the best dressed segment as "Liang Po Po".
Thank you thank you!!!

Let us re-live the best dress segment with this video SuperAdrianMe has done, showing how Steven Lim really scared the major shyt out of me and Steven Lim, I'm sorry to say this but you REALLY REALLY didn't dress the least like Michael Jackson:

I missed Singapore Blog Awards 2012 themed Superheroes because I had to tend a flea booth on the same day. Aww man!

Presented by Panasonic,
Singapore Blogs Awards 2013 - 60's Fever 
will be held on
6th July 2013
Theme: 60's Fever

Singapore Blog awards 2013

6th JULY 2013 is 
TheMinuteManSG's birthday!!!
He'll going to have a very special birthday this year.

Go to Twitter, search for #SBA2013 and you'll find who's tweeting about the awards.

SBA2013 comprises of 10 main categories, 7 special categories and 2 celebrity categories.
There are prizes worth a total of more than S$35,000 to be won, including a trip to Northern Territory, Australia, audio equipment, eyewear, cameras, online shopping credits and more! The prizes for each award is listed here.

Click here to check out the categories, with new ones introduced -- like the microblog and Best Music Blog Award.

The two celebrity categories, “Panasonic Most Popular Local Celebrity Blog/Microblog” and “Panasonic Most Popular Overseas Celebrity Blog/Microblog”, will be determined entirely by public voting.
You can nominate or register a blog (AS MANY AS YOU LIKE) from now until 10 May 2013,  followed by a voting and judging phase which will end in June 2013. The finale event will be held at Shanghai Dolly on 6th July 2013!

Singapore Blog Awards

Join in the 60s fever by showing us your 60s style! You can use photos from the 60s, or create a "modern 60s style" photo with smartphone apps, then post these photos on Twitter or Instagram with the tag #SBA60s and #omySBA2013.

Tell the world about Singapore Blog Awards, especially if you're proud of being a blogger!
LIKE them on Facebook here

Have a question about the categories?
Send them an email at, or leave a message on their Facebook page!

Stay tuned to Social Media Fiesta from now till July for more activities coming up!

Official website:
Official hashtag: #omySBA2013

*Crack brain crack brain* 

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