Saturday, April 13, 2013

F&N Singapore Dance Delight Vol 04 in less than 3 HOURS!

Wifi, you're FINALLY WORKIN, wohooooo!!!

Here's a QUICK shout out to you~

I don't know about you but I'm ultimate excited NOW that Singapore Dance Delight Vol 04 Finals is finally happening in less than 3 HOURS!!!

Last call for YOU to grab your tickets and parteh with us!

Prepare to spread the cheer & lose your voice~
*F&N Sparkling Drinks get ready*

F&N Singapore Dance Delights Vol 04 Finals
Kallang Theatre
S$15 or S$20

Go Go Go!!!

While waiting for the grand finale, You HAVE TO watch the FULL exclusive interview of one of the Singapore Dance Delight Vol 04 Finalist: Roosevelt.

Look at the fire in the girls' eyes; these passionate girls are so going to rock the house down tonight, I'm SOOOO sure of it.

Here's #FNNSDD4 Finalist DECADA from The Phillippines giving you a shoutout too!

Their FULL interview will be coming up real soon, stay tuned!

ESPECIALLY TO ROOSEVELT TO DECADA because you rock my world~


Most of all,
Check out the LIVE updates by searching hashtag #FNNSDD4 on twitter!
*Highly possible it's gonna trend today AGAIN with YOUR Help.

I'll be spamming the LIVE updates too, if there's reception of course...

Till then,
Spread the groove, Spread the cheer!

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