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F&N Singapore Dance Delights Vol 04 Preliminary Round

There were lots of screams.
So much screams that the roof could be blown off anytime.

For a Saturday evening, the atmosphere in the amphitheatre of Vivocity felt like mega theme park filled with death-threatening thrill rides; those rides so sick they made you scream so madly, you find yourself going back home with a hoarse throat yet a happy and contented smile at the end of the day.

Vivocity Amphitheatre

The posters definitely garnered lots of attraction because as I walked towards the amphitheatre, I heard whispers from some onlookers...

"Why got long queue huh?"
"Is it a concert?"
"Let's go watch lei, where to get tickets?"
"There's music sia, let's go check it out leh."
"Just now I see many people dancing..."
"Are those F&N bags on the floor for us?"

Singapore Dance Delights Vol 04

Stepping into it's FOURTH year Singapore Dance Delight Volume 4 (#FNNSDD4) is back with more screams, more adrenaline rush, exhilarating performances and beautiful people. Quick, meet them!


Sweet girl quietly sitting at a corner waiting for the event to commence.

A whole group of friends coming to support their friend who was one of the FNNSDD4 contestant.

Adorable little girl on the left who insisted she wanted to take photo with 'gor gor' instead of her aunt.

Families coming to support their family member:

Little boy fanning himself with the F&N paper fan but became so shy when I smiled at him.

Beautiful people posing with their F&N Citrus Drink~

Dance Delight is a dance competition first held in Japan.

Running for almost 2 decades now, Japan Dance Delight has become one of the biggest international street dance competition globally, attracting thousands of dancers from all over the world including Paris, Taipei, Shanghai, New York, Asia & more!

Wait a minute, are you kidding me?
Dance Delight is a DANCE COMPETITION?!

Based on the standard of the crews (dance groups) that night, it's already as if I'm watching a paid dance concert! I was screaming my lungs out and so amazed by the dance performers who shone like superstars on stage.

Woa... So that means if we were to go Japan and watch the Japan Dance Delight,
I would most probably be jaw-dropping, in fact, drooling, my body bursting with so much goosebumps like as if I've contracted a rare disease and may even lose my voice for at least a good 1 month screaming at those mad dance performances! MADNESS

This is so sick but I LIKE THAT SO MUCH. :p

I've made a video about the Singapore Dance Delights (Preliminary Round) featuring all 38 competing crews and some highlights of the preliminary round. Also, learn how you can stand a chance to win ONE PAIR of tickets to Japan (all expenses paid for) to catch Japan Dance Delights while watching the video.

The TOP 12 crews who will be battling in the finals are also announced in this video.
Last but not least, I managed to record a mini behind-the-scene celebration from a group of sweet friends at the venue!

I've edited this video with a mandarin song 'Baboo' by Da Mouth (大嘴巴).
Whenever possible I'd want to introduce more mandopop songs to you.

Aisha is the female vocalist in Da Mouth, is a Japanese who became a celebrity in Taiwan after participating in a Taiwan variety show. From the song,  I think you can tell rightaway that's she's a Japanese due to her strong Japanese accent. But one thing for sure, Aisha's mandarin is definitely way better than mine having lived in Taiwan for so long! Inspiring to know another dream chaser who travelled alone away from home to live her dream as an artiste. Kudos to you, Aisha!

Here is is, the video of F&N Singapore Dance Delights Volume 04 (Prelim Round):

Told you guy right, it's like watching a dance concert and not a competition.
Everyone of them danced with so much passion & love.

I love dancing but I honestly cannot dance very well.
Sometimes I wonder how these dancers put so much energy and life into their grooves & moves.

One can tell how much hard work they've put into their rehearsals and perfecting those moves.
I supposed they even dance in their dreams.

All my favourite teams got into Top 12 except BLU CRU.
Congratulations to you guys and good luck for the finals!

The question is, I liked BLU CRU so much and was so sure they would make it to Top 12 but WHY WHY WHY BLU CRU NO GET IN?

*sob sobs*

I went into the Singapore Dance Delight Facebook page and found out that there's actually a ranking for the crews that day:



They say whatever that doesn't kill you, makes you stronger and that failure is the mother of success.
Achieving real success is not to win, but to keep trying UNTIL you reach your goal.


As I'm looking at the next photo, I can't help but laugh.
It's a candid shot!

For the whole time, I was looking at my chilled F&N citrus drink on the floor next to me every other minute, making sure no ants had crawled into the opening & no one has toppled over my drink. When did I take this photo of my own can drink on the floor?!


No ants, yay!

Attend Singapore Dance Delight Vol 04 FINALS held on:

13 April 2013
Kallang Theatre
Ticket Pricing: S$15(circle) /S$20 (stall)

You'll expect:
The TOP 3 Crews from Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand & Vietnam to join our selected Top 12 and compete in the finals!

Grab your Final Tickets at O School

O School is located at:
2 Orchard Link #04-04
Singapore 237978

Contact: 6509 0016
Email: info@oschool.com.sg

Meet the 6 official bloggers of #FNNSDD4 who will be bringing you more insights of Singapore Dance Delights in the coming month. Difference experiences to share and introducing you to different Top 12 crews! (Not in any particular order)

#FNNSDD4 Blogger 1: William Tan
William went with the champion crew to Japan for consecutively 2 previous years to bring to you the latest news of Dance Delights.

Read about his experience at #FNNSDD4 Prelims here.

#FNNSDD4 Blogger 2: Maybelline Sim
A beauty, lifestyle and fashion blogger.


#FNNSDD4 Blogger 3: Melissa
I particularly like her nick, Rugfella.
She's the Ocean Butterflies Dance Ambassador 2013!


#FNNSDD4 Blogger 4: Emily Goh
A fine lady with few words but a passionate freelance graphic designer.


#FNNSDD4 Blogger 5: Colin AKA MinuteManSG
Pronounced as mind-nude and not min-need.
I have subscribed to his blog not because he is my boyfriend but for the fact that he can write really well and the content of his blog is extremely informative.

Read his post of the Preliminary round here, sharing with you even MORE information about dance. HE LOVES DANCING.

#FNNSDD4 Blogger 6: Mint Leong
Yup,  Yours truly who've just shared all I know about #FNNSDD4 with you.


Thank you for reading, muah muah muah~

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Ending this post with Baboo MV.

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