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[Happy 40th Birthday, Sentosa!] Sentosa BBQ By The Beach

Planning to have a BBQ this week?

You may strike this idea off your check list now.

1.Book a BBQ pit at (whatever) Park/ At Condo.
2. BBQ food shopping at Supermarket.
3. Order food from XXX online BBQ food order website.

Include this:

1. Head down to Sentosa BBQ by the beach!

Your friends and you can:

  • enjoy constant sea breeze (It's VERY windy out there)
  • watch the sunset
  • cheers to glasses of wine/yum seng to beer
  • watch FULL VIEW fireworks not once but TWICE
  • listen to Latin, Jazz, Blue & accoustic music
  • savour extraordinary BBQ food dishes like 'cod's tongue', Crispy baby Squid, Seafood Platter, Lemon sole and more!


Sentosa is celebrating its 40th Birthday with BBQ by the beach along Siloso Beach. Other than the normal BBQ grill, there's also the vertical grill & a Hawaiian Underground oven known as 'IMU'.

The IMU is an eye-opener, I'll show you in awhile.

The BBQ happens only THIS WEEK.

13 - 22 July 2012, 6pm to 12mn

Siloso Beach (Between COASTES and Azzura Beach Club)

How Much?
S$29.90 ++
(includes S$30 worth of vouchers redeemable for food & drinks) 


Use the S$30 vouchers to exchange for drinks and food.
Jio 4 friends to go together and you'll get a table FULL of different dishes!

The dishes cost an average price of S$10/plate. Each serving is enough for 2.

There are about 10 booths to choose from.

The baby-squids dish is my personal favourite.
I ordered a plate, went to take more food and came back to see everything wiped out!
Everyone at the table was munching away-- great appetiser.


The beef & pork sausages sizzling at the charcoal grill look so inviting that I had to take over the grill!


So I asked the handsome chef if I could try grilling the sausages and he said YES!






Here's a glimpse of the vertical grill:


Here's how the IMU (Hawaiian Underground Oven) at Sentosa looked like:


The IMU is actually a pit dug into the earth. The size of the oven have to be precise to match the amount of food being cooked. According to the chef, the heat in the pit can reach up to 500 degree celcius; the food can be cooked in about 2 minutes!


Everything may look easy here but I believe a lot of work has been done to set up this station-- You'll realise it when you notice the look of satisfaction as the chef serve the food cooked by the IMU to you. 

Traditionally, grass and leaves are used to cover the IMU. In our case, tiles and charcoal were used. The chef revealed that the depth of the wire mash has to be accurate.

Too close to the heat = burnt food.
Too high up = food not cooked.


My fish is now in there!

Waiting for 2 minutes...


My fish is ready, Ta-dah!
I think it's the fish meat is from a Red Grouper. The skin is red.

The meat is juicy, soft and melts in your mouth.
I'll say that the sambal does not taste anything like the sambal chilli from BBQ Sambal Stingray.

Spicy-fish-lovers, you HAVE TO try this for S$10.


To go for a lighter meal, try their salads for $5:


Here's where you'll be seated:

Brother Leong was there early and managed to get a table which is second from the end of the jetty. Like I mentioned earlier, the further out you are, the more windy it gets; NO FANS required. It became a little too dark as night fell but steps are already taken to brighten up the area.

A table sits 4 and keeping my fingers crossed, I hoped I can share a table with Bro Leong and his girlfriend.

He said YES!

What's a BBQ without music?!
The singers blew my day of stress away with their chripy personalities.

My Guest: Sister Jennifer.

Thank you for coming!
You always grow stronger from the last time we met, always.

Thank you being a part of my life of the past decade.

More fun moments when you have the fun-loving Yuhao & William around. With 2 additional members, we asked if we could join tables with Dawn and Wilson sitting next to us.


Here's a big Thank-you to our friendly Dawn who blogs at Thank you Dawn! 


A video of the Fireworks at 8.10pm. There was another one at about 9.15pm. I thought that the explosions made by the fireworks would be loud since we were sitting so near, it turned out just nice, like watching it from a TV show.

Ending the day with a group photo!

Happy 40th Birthday, Sentosa.
Thank you OMY & Sentosa for the invitation!

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