Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy 22nd Birthday BFF, Hpility

I'm thankful for meeting a group of blogger friends in life who unselfishly shared and invited me to their exclusive events, who love me unconditionally for who I am, who bring so much joy & laughter into my life, who show their full support towards my passion for singing.  As compared to those who started out in the kind of dog-eat-dog blogosphere, still stuck in between keyboard wars and name-callings of all sorts, I am truly blessed.

I called them my BFFs: Blogger-Friends Forever.
They are friends whom I met at Blog Events and we have been hanging out together ever since.

The group just gets bigger.

Hong Peng aka H.P. who blogs at, is one of my first BFFs, in fact the very first together with William and Yongwei.

He celebrated his 22nd birthday at Fish & Co last weekend and I was invited!


I'm dressed up for this special occasion with my apparel sponsor from

photo credits: OnlyWilliam

I like how the big collar which slightly overlaps at the front, flatters my shoulders such that they look straight, making my arms look smaller. I'm wearing a black tube together with the dress so that the cut at the front is not too revealing. The material of the dress soft and thin; really comfortable to wear in hot climates like Singapore.

I AM LATE for the birthday party.
The rest have already made their orders!


I'll always take the Seafood Platter for 2 but this time round, I had swiss baked fish & chips. couldn't finished even half of it because I ate all of William's fries while waiting for my order!

The other guests prepared a surprise birthday Challenge for H.P.
He had to choose a number between 1 - 10. Each number comes with a different task for H.P to accomplish. After picking THE number, he has to scan a QR code prepared by Terence which led him to the list of tasks prepared for him to do.  Check out the list on Terence's blog post here.

I think he chose... no 7? or was it no 9?

His task was to get everyone in Fish & Co to sing him a birthday song, EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Our birthday boy looking around for help:

In the end, he managed to get the Fish & Co staff to set up a mic for him on stage where he told everyone that it's his birthday and that he'd like to invite everyone to sing him a birthday song together on the count of 3.




Everyone played a good sport and sang. It goes like this:

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you...
Happy birthday to (whoever you are),
Happy birthday to you!

*claps claps*



photo credits: OnlyWilliam

photo credits: OnlyWilliam

The gang of mischievous for the day:
photo credits: OnlyWilliam

Bottom row(left to right): Me, ShuQingWilliam, H.P , Yuhao
Back Row(Left to right): Jessie, Terence Yeo, Yongwei and Hongwei

After Fish & Co, we walked over to Alley Bar to have a drink and shared jokes with one another. We even played 2 games of story-telling where all of us have to take turns and improvise the next sentence of the story until it's completed.

Our story was so random it's about a group of 20 friends who went into a drinking bar which turns out to be a restaurant that serves elephant meat to their customers. One of the friends got murdered, the chef resigned from his job, and came back as a pole dancer....

I forgot how the story ends but it's definitely a happily-ever-after.

photo credits: OnlyWilliam


May your blog viewership prosper and increase even more. I know it's hitting 1 million soon!

Friends For Life. :)

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