Friday, July 13, 2012

COMPASS 17th Music Presentation 2012

I was at the 17th COMPASS Music Presentation 2012 held at MBS Grands Ballroom last Sunday with Zir as her guest. It's the first one I have ever attended; I got so inspired to write more songs after this!

The music presentation includes a dinner, music performances and an award ceremony with awards presented to musicians & songwriters for their outstanding musical achievements.


Off to scan Zir's invitation card & to get our table number!


The programme sheet at our table -- Table 17.


I was anticipating Olivia Ong, Tanya Chua and JJ Lin's performance, never heard them LIVE before. I want to learn to sing like them, voice steady and pitch perfect on stage. I enjoyed ALL the performances; unlike some events where only some were interesting. At the Music Presentation, every single performance came as a pleasant surprise; the difference with Passionate performing.

Everyone seated was singing along!

Olivia Ong singing 'You & Me'.


JJ Lin giving his thank you speech.


Tanya Chua giving her Thank you Speech.

Derrick Tham's thank you speech inspired me so much. He recounted how 8 years ago, he was sitting down as one of the guests looking at award winners giving their thank you speech. He aspired to be one of them and made it! He continued to encourage the rest of us that it's possible we all can achieve and be on stage one day.

Derrick, thank you for your encouagement.
It means alot to me. :)

The food was delicious and this is my favourite:

Check out my BIG spoon!


We met new friends, Stephen & Charles. We sat at the same table.
I got a signature on Charles' namecard and got to know that he is a songwriter and singer.

Charles is residing in Australia and came here to do some recordings.

left: Stephen, Me, Zir, Charles.


I met a few familiar faces:

Left to right: Me, Silver, Tay Kewei.

At the beginning I was thinking how familiar this person's backview is. She looked like Regine Han but there's a change of hair colour so I decided to drop her a message and YES, it is Regine! Her singing performances are always so entertaining!

More coincidentally, Miao Ru was sitting directly behind me!

We're counting down to 10 days before she heads to Taiwan for the most anticipated Cpop singing battle contest--- 超级星光大道 (Chao Ji Xing Guang Da Dao)! She's one of the finalists chosen to represent Singapore to compete against the finalists in Taiwan.

Go Miaoru go!


As I was outing the ballroom making a phonecall, I met Ben and Derrick from Channel U's Duet Singing Contest:


Found one of their performance online, singing to David Tao's song. From 3 minutes onwards:

There was a lucky draw towards the end of the presentation and one of the S$100 cash winners has such an extraordinary name: SO HENG! (Which means 'very lucky' in Singlish)

Real luck for a lucky name!

After the music presentation, Zir and I found ourselves having supper at ToastBox. I was confiding in her about wanting to improve my facial expressions and the next moment, we were making faces together!




It's my turn to do it myself. An angry expression:



I started laughing so hard I couldn't make anymore faces but the photo-snapping continued.


Then I was introduced to a new app called 'Bump'.


Bump works like whatsapp only that you have to 'bump' your hand with the other party's in order to be connected. The phones have to be in the hands which you bump. Using Bump, you can send photos in bulks rather than one by one.


Have you noticed my floral top yet?
It's from


There are two layers to this one-piece dress: the outer layer is made of lace and the inner layer is a blue polyester dress, soft and comfortable. For the back, you may choose to leave the top part open up into a V-shape or have it button up. 


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I'm looking forward to the next COMPASS Music Presentation!

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