Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another Home - National Day MV By SINdie

Barely 5 days pass and the YouTube viewership of Another Home MV by SINdie has hit more than 50K. What a hit!

Congratulations SINdie!

There is this debate going on about the MV. Arguments about us embarrassing ourselves & causing more disgrace to our country. Personally, I have mix emotions about this. It's wonderful to know that we're actually speaking up for ourselves. However sometimes, don't you think we should let loose a little? You know, like enjoy the video, laugh it off at what we did in the past, learn from them, move on. Not only that, I feel that Another Home MV has managed to arouse the interest of many to pay more attention to our local news. So isn't that something we should be proud of as well?

Well I think, amidst these political issues & distinctive local news, SINdie has reflected much about Singapore's culture too: The multi-racial community, puppetry, beliefs, the merlion etc.

Come on Singapore, celebrate & rejoice for it's Singapore's Birthday & this is an awesome birthday gift!


To top it off, critics & news about this MV have spread across local papers(both press release & online) for the past few days. The power of Social Media and what it can do:

Xinmin Article published on 30 July 2011.
Photo Credit: Jacqualine Chan

LianHe Wanbao Article, published on 31 July 2011.
Photo Credits: SINdie

Mandarin Article published on OMY.SG on 31 July 2011.
English Article published on OMY.SG on 02 August 2011.
The New Paper Article published on 02 August 2011.

myPaper Article published on 02 August 2011.
Photo Credit: Jeremy

Asiaone online article published on 02 August 2011.
STOMP's article published on 02 August 2011.


Here's the 7-minute MV if you hadn't watched it:

Interested to know about Behind The Scenes?
I've consolidated some I've found for you:

Behind The Scenes on Mint's Blog.
Behind The Scenes on Joanne-Marie Sim's Blog (Maid + Famous Ms Seah)
Behind The Scenes on Hpility's Blog (Minister)
Behind The Scenes on Yongwei's Blog (Fishmonger)

Have you spotted us in the MV yet? :p

Ending this post with my favourite NDP song, a cover done by Ethan Choo, Desmond Wong & I last year.

Video edited & mixed by Evan Tiang.

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

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