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Taiwan Day 3: COUPLE Photoshoot with NA.ZA Bridal Photography

If you've missed reading Day 1 & Day 2 of my Taiwan trip, the links can be found on the sidebar of my blog. :)

Up early even before sunrise, I was already at NA.ZA Bridal Photography for my makeover.

These are '安瓶装', some makeup stabilizers. They are supposed to make the makeup stay on your face the entire day, flawless. It doesn't come cheap though, TW$500(S$20)/bottle which you have to pay separately on top of the photoshoot package. I bought a box of 6, which easily cost me more than S$100. But you'll see later why it's so worth the price.

Epic hair clip on Jackie Goh.

He looks so cute, doesn't he? :)

That's me with my puffy eyes that morning.

Xiao Zhu, my stylist of the day, has prepared boxes and boxes of accessories: tiaras, pearls, bracelets, pins, flowers, butterflies etc.




I love EVERY STYLE she did for me, and I mean EVERY. The reason being, she made the effort & time to communicate with me the day before, perfectly understanding which are the hair styles & accessories I prefer. She works so quickly, she can change my entire look in less than 15minutes so I don't feel restless.

1st look of the day, there are going to be FIVE: Fantasy.

Doesn't look very fantasy in this shot because I was making a face. LOL.

First attempt wearing gloves; they're so loved. I'll love to wear more of these in future, provided I know how to mix-&-match them with my outfits, of course. I'm a fashion-sense-fail.

We're on a tour around some of Taipei's places of interest!

1st stop: Ximen, 西门

We took some shots in front of a shop that says "西门店". It's somewhere along Ermei Street. The shops in Taipei do not open until late morning so we have a fair of time for the photoshoot.

We worked around the area for more photos, including along a road near Shilin Night market.
The sight looks pretty normal, with us posing against these wall crept with plants, but the photos turned out perfect, like those photos printed on taiwanese idol drams posters! However, this shoot took us quite a while because we were constantly interrupted by incoming vehicles.


Random: Caught a glimpse of my favourite Body Worlds poster along the journey.
They are in Taipei!

2nd stop: Yang Ming Shan, 阳明山

Even though it's summer, the garden here is really cooling. Picture yourself in Genting highlands. That's the kind of cooling I'm talking about.

Pampered Yoyo's being carried everywhere we go. :)
Xiao Zhu giving me the peace sign.

Yang Ming Shan has plenty of trails, flowers, trees and the garden is spacious enough for everyone. Find your favourite spot which gives you the 'secret garden' feel. You'll be pretty amazed by how the canopy of trees blends in the background and let just the right amount of rays through to create the best natural effect for your pictures.


Yes, we were on this mountain top!

2nd Look of the day: Sweet


The reason why I really love this dress is because of the fabric which is folded into a heart shape in front of my chest. *HEART*

Xiao Zhu and I made ourselves comfortable in the spacious handicap toilet. The crew had brought their own portable stools & even mirror just in case.

Time to change my hairstyle!




Here we are on another side of the mountain.

Stop 3: Huwei Fort, 扈尾炮台

Here's our photographer, Ah-You.
I think he looks like a korean because of his single eyelids.


Will you look at the picturesque! We're still on the mountain top, so the weather is still cooling! Photoshoot was a breeze! :)

We weren't the only couple who were there for a photoshoot, so you really need to 'chop' your place. Be fast, be Kiasu!


My crocs were classic. LOLx.

Imagine me walking around like this round the entire Huwei Fort. I was the only one in flats while the other brides had heels on. (I'm so fortunate!)


My dress was so fluffy, I wasn't able to reach for my legs!
Jackie & Xiao Zhu had to assist me and for a day, I felt like a princess.
Thank you pampering me so much, everyone!

Caution to take note when you're taking a shoot in the grass patch:
Choose an ant-free patch! It looks okay from afar, but take a closer look and you'll notice the red ants!



Another person I'd like to introduce, is Dawei(David). He's the assistant photographer aka propsman aka lighting crew aka signal man aka marking-for-us-to-smile-at aka 开心果. Okay, he's kind of like a Bao-Gar-Liao I guess. But the fact is he's really passionate about his job makes me think that I should complain less about my job.

Alot of times, Jackie and I were told to smile at him for the camera. He has got this trademark 'yeah yeah yeah' slang which makes me laugh throughout the day!

He goes, "Look at me, look at me. Yeah Yeah Yeah!"

David, the guy wearing specs standing right next to Jackie.

Stop 4: Tamsui (淡水)

Tamsui church is beautifully vintage.
It's a pity the doors were closed and we can't get inside.



Here's the little alley leading up to the church. Spot the red building in the background; the church. We took a few pictures on our way up too.


There's a change of look again.
3rd Look of the day: Classy


I'm next to Tamsui's famous church on my right.
The photo which came out looked TOTALLY DIFFERENT & AWESOME.
*Took my breathe away*

Leaving our memories & footprints behind, we left for my favourite place, the beach!


Stop 5: Saaron, (沙仑)
4th look of the day: Causal


They say food in Taiwan, especially their lunchboxes, are the best. I totally agree!

It was low tide when we reached the beach. Perfect for photoshoot here because you get to walk far out onto the exposing sea bed. Also, your feet will not sink into the fine sand.




See, minimal sand bits in my crocs. All you poured out is sea water.


If you like, there are ponies and stallions available for joy rides too!



I love Xiao Zhu!

Look at how much I'm enjoying myself, playing at the beach! Photoshoot is a tiring thing. But not when you have people who cares for you, take care of you & enjoys spending time with you!

My new friends totally blew my triedness away!



Final Stop, Stop 7: Fisherman's Wharf, 渔人码头
I'm here together with my final look, 5th look of the day: Elegance.
It's a yellow flowy gown which will fly up in the wind with crystal studs.



Why is it that even their washroom looks so cute!

Final touch up!

The clock at the top of this building sings to a melodious tune hourly, blessing all lovers in the world with ever-lasting love.


The famous lovers' bridge at Fisherman's Wharf in Taipei.

There are cosy bars & lounges on the left side of this picture, with really awesome live accoustic singers! These vocalists CAN sing alright. I heard that they have respective fan-base followers on their own. Totally indulged in their vocals, making the evening even more romantic than it should be, the photos turned out looking super romantic too.

There are so many couples here; looking at us posing next to a smelly fishboat. (Spoiler =.=")


Just as I was disappointed that I couldn't catch any sunset, the little red ball peeks out from behind the clouds, gradually, thus fulfilling my wish!

Thank you, David! You're my 开心果.
This is the exact spot we smelt 10minutes of stinky fish.

Thank you, Ah You!

A shot of my final hairdo. Pretty isn't it? How did Xiao Zhu manage to do that?

Oh yes, for those who are thinking that I'm doing a bridal shoot, I am NOT & I am NOT getting married yet. I was in Taiwan for a DATING shoot with Jackie Goh. :D

Jiaru, my bridal secretary, has prepared something for me. Something to refresh my long day...

(I'm practising my makeup so that one day, I can make up as natural as how Xiao Zhu did it for me!)

A norishing and healthy white fungus cold dessert, handmade by Jiaru!!! Darling, you're the perfect housewife, can I bring you home? *bleah*


Along our way back to the hotel, we popped by here for some delicious and really affordable dinner. *yummy*



And that marks Day 3 of my Taiwan Trip.
Signing off with a full stomach and contented burp.

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