Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mint Band Showcase 2011: Pre-Production

The Showcase's been over for almost a month now - One of the most daring challenges I had dared myself when I am still young and healthy enough not to get any heart attacks from it.

The taste of excitement & fear still lingers in my mind.
Sometimes I will still wake up to Sunday thinking about heading down for song practice when there really isn't one anymore. The kind of thoughts which will make my heart feel sore & empty that everything's over, or so we term as 'post-production syndrome'.

It was a hasty 3 months. Evan, Desmond and I rushed to get everything done- deciding the band members, the practice venues, sponsors, designs, themes etc.

The very first thing was for the Band members to meet up for the first time!
Left to right: Desmond, Me, Yuxian(Ethan), Wagner

Even though it was the first meeting, the band was focus. By the end of our first meet-up, the theme, the band name, rehearsals dates, song list arrangements and doorgift ideas were decided!

The next few rehearsals were tedious. The reason being those songs we were going to sing were totally new songs- songs I wrote. Won aka Long gor, the boss of All About Eve Bar, didn't waste any time. Forgoing his sleep, he came to every rehearsals, led us to our very best, arranged the music and even pass on his music knowledge to us with no strings attached!

Slowly but surely, step by step we climbed, completing all 10 songs to be presented and performed for our families and friends.

Here's Long Gor with his guiding wands.

Everyone was excited to be on stage together for the first time. We were all busy fidgeting with our toys, testing & figuring how they worked.

This drink was the remedy for my over-strained throat at every rehearsal:

Where were we on Christmas Eve? You guessed it- practicing at a jamming studio near All About Eve Bar. The band had rushed down after work and study. Come to think of it, it's quite funny with us wearing ties and shirts while jamming. But it was definitely fun!

We also did a photoshoot for the doorgift booklet at Hort Park. I remembered vividly it was a really hot and humid noon on Sunday. The Band came in blazers, long dress, vests and we were all perspiring! Bubble came along with us and joined us for the photoshoot as well. He too, drank a whole bottle of water all by himself that day!

I woke up really early and headed down to Mod Beaute Beauty Parlour to get my hair done.

This is Evan Tiang(Nave)- our photographer of the day.
Just so you know; He's the guy who took our photographs, did the videos, designed the booklets and tickets as well as the T-shirt design for this Showcase!

You won't see him in most pictures, that's because he's the one behind the cameras!


Here' the booklet Nave had designed using the pictures from the photoshoot:

In December 2010, the tickets were ready for printing.

Desmond and Bf were the ones who'd helped to cut the tickets. Not to forget Bf's younger sister too. That's 100 over tickets I'm talking about! Before hand bf and I had gone to several bookstores just to choose the type of paper we want for the tickets.

2 days just before the Showcase, the T-shirts arrived, all 9 pieces.
We gave 2 of these to 2 of our special guests who came and won the lucky draw.

ORIGINAL Mint T-shirt design exposed!
This was actually the very first design Nave had came up with.
Its eyes as well as some of its colours were changed later in order to fit our theme.
Seriously, i think the original design is so cool- a bear with the kind of attitude I like.

Thanks to Kratos Garments, we got our Tees in time for the concert! :)
Click on their logo to access their website.

Another most adorable doorgift would be this handicraft Mint Bear.
There's only 100 in this world, handmade by Lincoln's mother.
It's so adorable I'm gonna die...!!!

What's a showcase without a head of nicely done hair?
Let me show you my previous hair- the green had already faded to my bleached colour.
Credits to ModBeaute, they did a wonderful job!

Eddie's helping me bleach my hair again.
My hair's going to be RED!!! Awesome!

He's done with the first part of bleaching and dying of my hair.

Here's the other part where he applied the red and purple dye:

Not only did they gave me a head of lovely red hair,
they gave e pretty nails too! I had lost one folders in my camera so i lost some of the immediate photos I took with my manicure and hair done at Mod Beaute.


This is the nail design after 3weeks. It is still pretty anyway. :)

If you are interested in their hair/nails/skin or face service, u may click on their logo above to their website for their contacts. Their normal highlights price is about $50-$70. Crazy colours like red/green/blue etc would cost about $180 for highlights, and slightly more than $200 for the entire head. Crazy colour series comes with ONE complimentary hair treatment. Call them up for an actual quotation!

Quote "MINT" and get a further 10% discount!

Mod Beauté

Blk 348 Jurong East Ave 1
Singapore 600348

Phone: 6899 1526


Operating hours
Mon to Fri: 11am to 8.30pm
Sat to Sun: 10.30am to 7.30pm

Here's another doorgift which is sponsored by Rocher-Creations.
All 100 Rocher Flowers in total- LOVELY.

Valentine's day is just around the corner,
wouldn't you just want to get some of these?
The flowers are as afforable as $2 per stalk.
Bouquets that comes with cute little bears.

On top of that, the flowers has an expiry period of about 1 year!

Click on this photo to access Rocher Creations for more flower designs:

Make up on SUNDAY was done by Nicole.
Nicole is a professional make up artist who does affordable Photoshoots, D&Ds, ROM & Bridal make up services. She can even help in Image Consulting as well as manicure while doing your make up and styling for you. What an all-rounder!

I knew her from "The Ghost Must Be Crazy" movie where she's the make-up artist for the movie. Her recent cut short hair makes her look even sweeter now when she's already so petite in the first place.

Here's her website, click on her namecard:

The prices of her services are written on her website. You may also call her at 9369 6695. She's Nicole Yeap.

The band wasted no time calming themselves down 2 hours before the Showcase. Some playing Monopoly Deal, resting...

Will post up the youtube links and information about the showcase soon!

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