Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011!

My Chinese New Year celebration begins even before Chinese New Year is here.
Met up with Papa Chia & Silver Jie on the 1st February for reunion dinner & last CNY shopping.

Later, we went TCC at Internaional Plaza for coffee. :)

CNY Eve- Dinner & Lou Hei at bf's place.

CNY 1st day-4th day. House visiting after house visiting.
From the house of bf's relatives, to my aunt's house, my god brother's house, grandma's house & finally Papa Chia's place!

There's an addition of 2 newborns this year!

Jasmine- Lifu Kor's daughter.
Her 1st month is on the 6th Feb 2011.
And Jayden, her big brother, is so big now!
The last time I saw Jayden, he was about the size of his little sister.

Grandma's mee sua is still the best.
Nevertheless her mouth is the exact reciprocal of her food.
Sometimes i wish she can talk less, cook more.

Visit to my one of my aunt's house with my prettiest cousins & family, bf & Bubble!

Have you added Bubble on facebook yet? It's here.
By the way, if you happen to have photos with Bubble in it,
do upload onto his page as well.
Let's accumulate many many!

This is the first time I'm visiting Papa Chia's house with friends.
Then, we went for dinner at Changi Village together.
Quality time spent with love ones.

You see how Bubble is resting on Yongwei's shoulders.
Now you have a shoulder to rely on, Bubble Leong.

This year, everyone's crazy about Monopoly Deal.

Yes yes, everyone knows that you won $30 this year, Goh Yong Wei.
Ask him for a treat from his page! He won't mind being your Cai-Shen-Ye!

Bubble's really overjoyed that Jie piggy-backed him!

Hp, I hoped you got hooked on Monopoly Deal like how Nave and I did.

This ring on Jie caught my eyes-unique and it's handmade!

Bubble's new fashion consultant- Silver Ang.
Look what she did for Bubble.
Now Bubble's a Korean Popstar!

I had a wonderful Chinese New Year,
well spent with wonderful people!

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