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Our first visit as N.E.mation! 10 Ambassadors : Team Cedar3

Since the very first time experiencing N.E.mation! 5 five years ago, I have always been amazed by the creativity and determination of all the teams in every N.E.mation! challenge. And they only seem to get better and more creative every year! The sky's the limit for these impressive kids!

What is N.E.mation! you ask? Well, N.E.mation! an annual digital animation competition organised by the good people at Nexus for youths to express their thoughts on Total Defence. These students, having no prior experience in animation before the competition, have been able to produce amazing video clips that were screened on free-to-air television! This year, the theme is "Together We Keep Singapore Strong", and as always, the winning team will win a trip to visit renowned animation studios is the USA!

This year, good things come in pairs, because I will be combining forces with my Man Man, Colin Chang, a.k.a. The Minute Man SG, as the ambassadors of our 2 teams! [The Man: "Hello Everybody!!!"] So throughout the rest of the N.E.mation blog posts, whenever you see square brackets with italic words in it, it's Colin speaking!

So without further ado, let's introduce the M&M [MinuteMan: "That's short for Mint & MinuteManSG!"] teams!

Team Cedar3 #NE10C03

Our first team was a team of bubbly girls from Cedar Girls' Secondary School! Say hello to Tanya, Shyn, Kayla and GL from Team Cedar3! [MinuteManSG: "Cedar rocks!"]

The girls shared with us an interesting story on how they got their group name. Initially when they were submitting entries for the qualifying rounds, they were using group names that represented their school. E.g. Cedar1, Cedar2, Cedar3, Cedar4 etc. And after they got into the finals, they didn't know that they could actually change their group name, so they stuck to Cedar3!

But I think it's fated because they were the 3rd Cedar team, and they picked ambassador number 3 (ME!) during the drawing of ambassadors, and guess what is my favourite number? 3!! So it's no surprise that our group chat is called...

[MinuteManSG: "Why is 3333333333 smaller than 3? I don't understand??!!"]
It's a girl thing, you won't understand.

When we first got to their working area, there was no a single soul in sight. [MinuteManSG: "They must be eating snake!"] But before we could draw any wrong impressions of them being lazy and "eating snake", James brought us around the back of their working area to another room at the back, where we saw this...

The girls were busy tracing and drawing out some of their props using a projector!

[MinuteManSG: "What happened to your camera? Is it spoilt?"]

No, we intentionally blurred out the pictures so that we won't spoil the surprise for our readers when the video comes out! [MinuteManSG: "Ohhhhh..."]

[The Man: "Say cheese!"]

Anyway, while Tanya, Shyn and GL were busy drawing away, Kayla was in charge of the BBQ!

[MinuteManSG: "Wah! Still got food! I thought no food and drinks allowed?"]

Well, actually there wasn't really a BBQ, but she was given the very important job of making sure the projector didn't turn into an actual BBQ!

Keeping the projector cool is hard work...

[MinuteManSG: "I guess we can call her the projector's biggest fan!!"]

OMG... *Rolls Eyes*

We managed to peel them away from their work for a short chat to get to know them a little better!

Our first official proper photo together! Yay!

Chatting with girls from Team Cedar3...

Did you know that these girls were one of the youngest teams among this year's finalists? Not to worry girls! Don't worry about who is younger or older, just take it as all of you are finalists in this years N.E.mation! 10 competition, and every single one of you are standing on equal ground!

They even shared with us their timeline and schedules required to complete the project. Having only 3 weeks to produce a full length animation clip from scratch is really no joke, and I admire the passion and dedication these students must have to make it come true!

During the chat, we asked them what did they want to achieve at the end of this competition. The girls shared with us that they'd love to make more friends, sweethearts :)

As we were nearing the end of our session, we spotted the girls trying to move a huge piece of wood into their working area. They were having some difficulty trying to get it in without damaging the protective plastic sheets on the floor... naturally, our 2 muscular men came to the rescue! Woohoo!

[MinuteManSG: "M&M Movers to the rescue!"]
That's James, I used eye power instead... 

And to end it off, here's a little teaser for all of you. Can you guess what they have drawn here? It's going to be a part of their completed project!

[MinuteManSG: "I know! I know! It's some branches from a big starfruit tree!!"]

Cedar3 regularly pens their updates HERE.
Maybe they'll tell you what they've drawn.
Go read!

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For more stories, videos, photos and updates on N.E.mation! 10, visit

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