Friday, March 20, 2015

The 24 Hour Self-Laundry Shop!

I'm sharing how much I love to do the laundry at this 24 hour self-laundry shop!

Having a tiny service yard can become a hassle when it comes to doing laundry for a big family of six - there's always not enough space to hang your clothes for drying.

Especially on rainy days!

How long do these clothes take to dry? 
Let's see...

1 day on a bright sunny day,
2-3 days on cloudy/rainy days?

Then there are socks, stockings, lingerie, hankies, towels and even bedsheets!

So when this 24-hour self service laundry shop sprang into service, I thought I'll give it a try. This has now become a weekly affair with my OneFirst.

I like that the place is clean, smells good and most of all, the owner is very friendly.

This weekly affair is much more fulfilling than you imagine. 
For an hour every week,

1. I get to spend personal bonding time with my other half, alone and only us two.
Most of the time we'll leave all our gadgets at home. Other times we'll bring our animal chess set and play a few rounds. On rare occasions, we'd visit the nearby mcdonald's for some light bites while we chit-chat away!

2. It's a good time to spend personal quiet moments. 
Bring my novel. Read.
Stare blank and watch the machine spin in action.

A lot of times, I get tied down by errands at home, distracted to do more work, distracted by TV shows, distracted to help others... I find myself a good excuse to relax and destress, sometimes I even let myself go deep in thoughts and plan for my future, undisturbed.

I like this feeling very much.
Recharged. :)

3. It cost only $6 to wash a 11kg load and $1 for every 5 min to dry your clothes.
For $12 per week, laundry only takes me 1 hour to be fully dry and clothes are ready to be kept in the closet.

I wonder if this is more affordable than the electricity bills back at home.  

Dirty Bedsheets & soft toys won't take forever to dry anymore nor take up space in the service yard.

Clean, quiet, peaceful. 
Plus points to go at off-peak hours. :)

I don't know if it's me or in general, other people who do their laundry at the shop are generally friendlier, more patient and considerate.

Then, the shop also provides dry cleaning services which comes in really handy after my overseas trips. It is an island-wide dry cleaning service, with additional FREE delivery if you're staying in Tampines or Simei area. 
I have no second thoughts after I'm back from my recent Taiwan trip.
I called the dry cleaning hotline to book an appointment immediately because I had so many winter apparels to clean, most of them from Universal Traveller.

Pretty clothes but it'll definitely take forever to handwash 1 week worth of winter apparels.

Off to my favourite laundry shop with 2 bags full of clothes, all washed and dry in an hour!

Can't wait for my next overseas trip.
No hassle over cleaning winter clothes hurray!


For friends who are on my instagram @MintLeong, you would be wondering why OneFirst and I are using this hashtag once a day.


Ever since we came back Taiwan, I strongly feel that it's time to learn and feel more comfortable posing in front of the camera. My poses are so limited and I always have to try and take so many shots just to get one decent (most decent of them all) shot.

To build up my confidence,  Colin agrees to take up this challenge with me to explore and pose different styles everyday on instagram until the end of the year.

If there's a need to brush up on certain tactics like facial expressions, a certain angle, we can seize this chance to do so through this mini challenge. In fact, I'd like to look good in our wedding photos when it's time!

I hope by then it'll be much better than this by then: 

Told you we're so Camera Awkward.

Barely pass shots:

The #cameraAwkwardNoMore challenge gave me more courage to post up my pictures, no matter how silly I look in them.

Here's what I hope to achieve by the end of this year:
1. That I have more confidence in front of the camera. 
2. That I know how to flatter my body shape in camera shots. 
3. I am more confident to play with more expressions that will truly express how I want that shot to be!
4. that I know by then what my better angles are and how to pose them as I want to.
5. Nice wedding photos for the photoshoot and instagram please!

Practice makes perfect,
don't you think so?

I also jio you to the #CameraAwkwardNoMore Challenge.
You'll be amazed by what you can achieve!

Meanwhile we'll be POOPING more nice shots!



  1. Your hair colour is so pretty!
    I wish I was able to paint my hair... but i'm scared it would get spoiled...

  2. Interesting thnx for sharing.sweet love. May i know clothes quality ok even after machine wash?