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[Mint.Music.Lifestyle] Candies Are A Necessary Part Of My Life - LollyTalk

Mmm… resist.
mmmmus.. Resist.
Must Resist.
Mustttt. Resistttt...

Cannot Resist!

Yummy Candies, nom nom nom…
*that is what's going through my head right now*

I only have my keyboard Instructor from Intune Music School, Chi Sheng Lao Shi to thank for introducing me to Mr Ma from LollyTalk. 

Yummy candy + Awesome friendship

Ma Keow Yuen and Joy Tan, who were both trained by two Aussie Masters Ross and Judy, founded Lollytalk. They won Gold Medals for their Fruit Rock Mix (among all the major rock candy makers in Australia) during the 2009 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards. At the same year, Ross and Judy also won the Grand Championship among all the hard boiled confectionery makers, hence awarded the title GRAND CHAMPION ROCK CANDY by Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards.

This jovial man always brightens up my day so much with his laughter and smiles!
I remember vividly how he responded to my question of ,"why have you decided to open a candy shop?"

He said with eyes that shine,"I believe it's every kid's dream to own his/her very own candy shop."

Hey, I really did thought of that when I was younger!
Then I'd have unlimited supplies of candy to eat everyday, heh-heh.

So his Lolly shop is officially my candy paradise now!
LollyTalk is located at Basement 2 (B2-20) of Plaza Singapura. 

The first time I walked in, I don't know what to buy because I wanted to get everything.

Be greeted by the theme song of LollyTalk when you are in the shop titled Lolly Love; this is so special, a full theme song specially catered for a Lolly shop!

"Lolly Love" is an original composition by Tristan Ong.
Producer: Tristan Ong
Co-ordinated and Co-produced by LollyTalk Ambassador: Joey Wee.
Sound engineer: Ng Mei Ting 
Singer:  Teo Zuo En

Hey I know Tristan , Joey and Zuo En! 
Zuo En is a vocal teacher from Intune Music School. 
I got to know Tristan from Huishan and he is a great pianoist.
Joey sings really well and she's recently launched her very own CD album.
roomiesTV has also invited her to be on our show and the wepsiodes will be launched soon, be patient alright!

Support local talents and enjoy the song, everyone!

Lyrics for Lolly Love (Theme Song of LollyTalk)
LollyTalk, LollyTalk, Jolly LollyTalk
Order up when the brew is done
Making Lolly is full of fun

LollyTalk, LollyTalk, Jolly LollyTalk
Cool the sugar and make it works
Add some magic filled with lovely words
Sweet Lolly soon will become true
Feel the Jolly happiness in you

Lolly Lolly Lolly
With hook to scratch merrily
Once it cools down, scratch with fun
Start to fall in, sweet avalanche

Lolly Lolly Lolly
The extrusion amazes me
Make the happy shape amused
Pull and cut and every sweet fulfilled

Lolly Lolly Lolly
With crush of sweet fantasy
Rocky's cool and Candy's fun
Free to fall in sweet avalanche

Candy candy candy
Tower of Love amazes me
Make Lolly and be amused
You and me and everyone's fulfilled.

Their Hard Rock Lollipops come in all sizes.

The place is filled with cartoon figurines and hard rock candies!

Doesn't these packets look like little pieces of lego from far?
They come in different flavours and designs.

Different mix of candy flavours and designs also have different meanings from 'Keep On Smiling' to 'I love you'. 

I've been hooked on this flavour ever since I first tried them and always keep some in my bag - 
The Plum Guava

You see, I get motion sickness easily and with the help of candies, I can overcome my motion sickness issue. The Plum Guava has the refresh and sweet taste of Guava with hints of Plum sweetness.

Photo taken from: LollyTalk Facebook.

This is so tempting wait I have to eat one now.
*pops a plum guava candy in my mouth*

Ok I'm back!
Where was I oh yes, let me introduce more about Plum Guava and this lolly collection. 

The Plum Guava is one of the series of candy flavours launched uniquely to LollyTalk known as the Acquired Taste Collection.

Photo taken from: Lollytalk Facebook.

With interesting flavours such as Chilli Lime, Spicy Mango, Plum Guava, they have also creatively used ingredients such as fruits (real apple/cranberry/lemon), menthol crystal as well as pure honey in the making of this special Collection.

Apart from the 3 flavours I've previously mentioned of which one is my favourite, LollyTalk have also launched the Apple Cranberry, Menthol Grape, Honey Lemon as well as Menthol Honey Lemon.

The collection comes in glass bottles as well as 60gm aluminium refill-packets (S$4.90). 
Great to eat for yourselves or even as a gift for your friends who are overseas.

Remember, the taste of this collection is unique to LollyTalk so it'll be special for them because you won't find them anywhere else!

I'm planning to get some plum guava for my taiwanese friend when I visit Taiwan this coming end July.

The spicy mango flavour reminds me of Thai Mango Salad.

Enjoy your LollyTalkcandies!

The smell of the lolly attracted Bubble Leong.

No Bubble Leong, you cannot have them I'm sorry. 
You can only help post for pictures be good.

Like LollyTalk on Facebook HERE.

Visit LollyTalk today for your yummy Hard Rock candy!

68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura B2-20
Contact: +65 6883 1569
QQ: 9940 8610
WeChat ID 微信号: LollyTalk

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