Wednesday, October 10, 2012

KL Ice Skating Trip: Sunway Pyramid


I know I know.
I haven't been updating my blog very often lately.

I'm going through yet another transit in life...

To begin with yes, Jackie and I have broken up.
About a month or so now.

Jackie has always been understanding, a stable, reliable & responsible guy however I was hoping for something more in r/s... affection, expressive, words of encouragement... 

They say a perfect couple talks like best friends, quarrels like husband & wife, protects each other like siblings. I'd say we talk like best friends, quarrel like best friends, protect each other I protect him like a best friend.  We SHOULD be best friends. 

When I first dropped him a message & told him I can't marry him anymore, he initiated a face-to-face session. Jackie kept his cool as we ironed our problems out. The session ended with a friendly hug. 

Thank you for everything, Jackie Goh.

Lady luck's really been a good friend of mine lately.

My music lessons will commence this coming NOVEMBER!
It'll be a 2-month(32 lessons) course where I'll be trained to improve my vocal techniques, dancing skills, speech & stage presence.


Hosting & Singing gigs are picking up really fast *Thank god*.  My schedules are pre-occupied with client-meetings, preparing my scripts, song rehearsals etc.

Amidst my busy schedule, my ice-skating friends organised a 2D1N KL ice-skating trip over last weekend and I managed to squeeze in time for this short getaway with them.

10 of us, 1 common passion -- ICE SKATE.
Actually I like their company more than the ice-skating session. I can't skate very well but skating with them is really fun! They are a group of heart-warming friends which I plan to keep for life.  :)

The ice-skating rink was at Sunway Pyramid (Sunway Lagoon).

My mum is so smart! She managed to google and find us an awesome & affordable 3-storey villa for 10pax in Sunway Lagoon.  The rate of the villa cost only S$412/night!  (Which means each of us only have to pay about S$40/night each.

Best of all, the villa comes with a back yard, a quiet neighborhood, a private pool & FREE wi-fi!
There was a tiny hiccup though. Apparently our booking via Agoda was confirmed but not the hotel booking so no one came to pass the villa keys. The villa was not locked and we could just walked in. The security guard came knocking in the middle of the night and told us that he has no record of our booking. IN MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT when we were all in bed.

Nevertheless it's only a small hiccup.
Agoda has offered a complimentary 3-night stay as compensation!

I'm going back because it's SO WORTH.
Even without the compensation, I'd go back. :)

The ice skating rink at Sunway Pyramid makes me think of the old Jurong Entertainment Ice-skating rink (Fuji): wet, soft ice, cold. In addition, the skaters were skating in all directions and peculiarly loved falling down on the ice. They'd create 'accidents' for themselves and would pull anyone who happen to be near them. If you can't ice-skate very well, you better not try to skate there.

In Singapore, you have to pay S$20+ (max) to skate for 2hours.
You only have to pay Rm20 (Max) to skate for a WHOLE DAY at Sunway Pyramid.

I recommend a weekday to skate if you must.


Sunway Lagoon:



Our Villa:












My room:


Forgot to take photos of THE OTHER 4 bedrooms!

Click here to view the villa photos found on Agoda.
What you see is what you get, but I feel the actual villa looks even better. The photos you'll be seeing are of poorer quality.

Sunway Pyramid:

As quoted from one of my friend Jessie, the place feels like paragon + ION orchard + ice skating rink + Tampines Mall under one roof. The shops are generally similar to those in Singapore. The architectural design of Sunway Pyramid is extremely majestic and beautiful though.



I'm glad Xiao Razer (my younger Godsis) made it at the very last minute to come with us:


We chose ROMA DELI for late lunch/early dinner before our skating session and paid about Rm500 for 10pax. The serving was HUGE & the food was totally worth the price.











The highly-anticipated ice-skating rink:





While the rest are handling the admission tickets, I was looking after the skates:




Everyone busy taking photographs. LOL.


Allow me to introduce my skater friends.

Jaime. I always calls him 'Meinu' because he has such beautiful hands. I noticed it when he helped me tie my skate-lace.

Dominic, a cheerful guy. I gave him the nickname,"the jackpot machine" as coins keep dropping out of his pocket.

Kelvin Teng Yong Ming, my Naima (nanny) who looks after ALL of us and take care of our needs like a nanny. He is the soul of the group, always entertaining us with his jokes and bubbliness. He'll always be the first to open the bus door for us and rushes to unload the luggages for us. During grocery-shopping, he'll be the one carrying all the plastic bags.

(left) Rachael, Jaime's younger sister and my younger god-sis. I know her since she was 12 years old and watched her grow up. She's very into DIY and will always make me something sweet: cards, cookies, cupcakes (OMG her cupcakes are so freaking awesome. I ate 4!). She is someone genuine and close to the heart.

(Right) Jessie, our Dajie despite her petite size. A very calm person who she initiates all our outings, group chats, keep everyone's contact number and keep us closely-knitted together.

Joanne: My primary schoolmate whom I've never heard her say a word all my life until we went for a skaters-KTV session together. She's probably the only one without ice-skating boots because she seldom ice-skates. Being really spontaneous, Joanne was supposed to be tied down by work but made her final decision to go with us on the trip. Thanks for coming!

Colin! His new REEBOK white-K pumps (highly recommended by me) just arrived and it's the first time he's trying it on. He roller-blades but I got him 'converted' recently. Roller blade is very hot because there's no air-con! Spot him with his roller-blade habits on ice. (very obvious but still nice ok).

Not in the picture: Jowel & Yong Jian.
(Don't know where the 2 love birds went to)


After the session we went back to the Villa to play mahjong & games.



We had Lunch before heading back to Singapore. If you're in Sunway Lagoon, you MUST go to Restoran Ming Tien and try their local delicacies!



The noodle soup is so loved!

That's it for my shortcation in Sunway Lagoon! :)

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