Friday, May 7, 2010

Give and take

In Life,
You must learn to give and take.

We, the children, planned a nice surprise for our Mothers this coming Saturday,
which is tomorrow, at the Singapore Flyer.
we made sure that the activity does not clash with our planned dinner after that.
And did all precautions so that our mothers can have a memorable time.

one of them claims that it will jeopardise with the dinner
and mess up with every other thing SHE had planned.

So much so for the memorable efforts.

We've decided that Mothers who appreciated our pre-mother's day programme,
shall continue with their surprise,
and those who did not want to,
carry on with their individual plans.

We will not mess up her plan,
and neither will we allow her to mess up ours either.

I thought about this matter;
she also want her plan to work out after all;
neither sides should be penalised and blamed.

I'll let this Mother's day be happy,
for ALL mothers.
We give and take.

I have learnt just that,
I hope that one day,
she will learn this lesson too,
and everyone else.

Happy Mother's Day!

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