Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Kinohimitsu Bust Up Drink Day 1 and J'pan D'Tox Day 6

Oh yes, I've obediently finished my 6-Day Kinohimitsu J'pan D'Tox Programme package!

Mentally, I feel lighter experiencing so much toxic being discharged out of my body daily.
Physically, I lost 1kg! *exclaim*
I was 51KG, now 50KG!

Side Note:
I tweeted on Tuesday stating that I'm doing on a diet.
I have 4kg to lose to reach 46kg before my concert.

Nevertheless, the Kinohimitsu D'tox drink is NOT A SLIMMING DRINK.
So don't go gulping down 10 bottles and expect yourself to lose 10kg!

Anyway, back to the Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox drink.
How does it actually works in your body?

It's easy, once you consume it, the drink will be immediately be absorbed into the body, replenishing your hydration and mositurizing the colon and your hard faeces in just minutes, hence inducing smooth bowel motion within 2-4 hours.

The results are definitely proven on me!

Also, this drink is suitable for children and elderly, as well as for those who have the tendency to over-eat, take over-indulged meals and meat-eaters.

When's the best time to drink it you asked?
I'll tell you anytime 2-4 hours before planning for defecation(poo-poo).
For me, it's 100% effective!
I'll be heading to the toilet promptly in 1 hour's time.

Maintain by continuing to take 1-3 bottles weekly.
Do chill it before you drink, taste like chilled fruit juice!

My mom used to tell me, Detoxication is good because now that your bowel system is clean, your body has more space to cater to whatever health and beauty products you eat.

I'm trying this now:

To be exact, yesterday was my first day drinking the Kinohimitsu Bust Up Drink.

If you complain that you do not have time for the drink, it's nonsense.
The bottles are small and compact- easily carried in your bag.
I drank it on my way to school in bf's car.

Besides, there's nothing so busy in the world that you don't have time to make yourself pretty!

Know what you're drinking is essential.
This drink is said to contain:

Pueraria Mirifica
It is clinically proven to aid in breast enhancement. With advanced Low Temperature Extraction Technology, there are at least 13 active properties known as PHYTO-ESTROGENS (plant hormones) that are maintained in the extraction process. These plant hormones comprise of Isoflavones that constantly promote hormone regulation and stimulate breast enlargement. Japan's Royal Family serves Pueraria Mirifica as royal food.

Green Papaya (unripe papaya)
It has very rich enzymes that are rarely available from other food sources. These enzymes stimulate female hormones and breast glands which in turn, promote breast enlargement. Green Papaya Extract is expensive because papaya ripens very fast, so the extraction of green papaya is very difficult.

It play an important role to support the structure of breast shape and elasticity.

Royal Jelly
It is rich in health-beneficial active ingredients such as Pantothenic Acid, Biotin, Inositol, Folic Acid and Vitamin B1, B2 and B6. It contains 17 amino acids that are known to promote skin smoothness.

Helps to:
  • Promote fuller breasts,
  • Provide support for a firmer, up-lifted bustline
  • boosts your bustline without the need for surgical methods and medication

It smells like my favourite original-flavoured frozen yogurt.

Taste like the Ice Longan dessert!

I'll be reviewing the Kinohimitsu Bust Up drink in 2 weeks' time!
Will tell you more details by then.

If you can't wait to find out, you can read about its benefits, product information and usage from their official website here.

Kinohimitsu products can be bought from the various stores and outlets:

They are running a limited edition year-end pack @ $39.90 for 10 bottles of Kinohimitsu Collagen/Bust Up drink. Usual Price is $39.90 for 6 bottles of Collagen/Bust Up Drink.



  1. Hi ^^
    Just wanna ask you something. :)
    Does the kinohimitsu bust up drink works?

  2. Hello Gladys, my bust felt firmer. I've only taken a box so far.

  3. ohhh i see! Thank you so much~ :)
    am thinking to try it. ^^

  4. Hye,
    last year i buy a box of burst up each month.
    realy felt the diff. which a good thing la
    but sudden i have stop buying it, due to fin. prob (hihi)
    but now thinking of using it back.
    bcause once u stop, as stated at the box,
    ur hump will get into normal
    n its normal bcause as we all now,
    such beauty n helthy product need to be take in a fix shcedule

    its really goood~