Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why I Am Special

This is random but I can't stop myself from the sudden urge to write this post.

Have you ever thought how special you are? List a few things you can think of.

Value your life. Treasure it.

1. I love to sleep. Sleeping is the only time I can dream. My dreams are most peculiar. In them, I can be wandering in a shopping mall, which never existed in reality, this moment, then strolling in the garden the next.

Sometimes, you feel the adrenaline rush as you free-fall from a high-level. Ithe feeling is like sitting on a Viking ship, where you are at the highest point and coming down.

Other times, you feel yourself running at your fastest but your legs aren't bringing you anywhere. Within spilt seconds your footsteps become so heavy that even after using all your might, you find yourself trying to run across a scene in your dream at the speed of only 0.000000000001km/h.

I remember many of my dreams. Maybe I should write them out into short stories just in case I forget them one day.

Once, I had a nightmare about rolls of toilet paper turning alive and trying to wrap me into an egyptian mummy. I told someone(I forgot who) about it and that person started laughing non-stop, commenting that it's the funniest nightmare he had ever heard.

BUT IT WAS SCARY; I was being attacked afterall.

Then there were several times I couldn't wake up from my dreams.

In them, I knew I was dreaming, and i'd try to open and shut my eyes to wake myself up but to no avail. Of course, eventually I did; after being 'burnt alive in a hut which caught fire'.

From the same scenario, there were times I thought I had woken up when in actual fact I'm still in it. Of course, I'd wake up to reality; it's a matter of time.

All the same, nightmares never affect me from my love for dreaming.

Have you had weird dreams before?

I know of some friends who never dream. How does it feel like to NOT have dreams? Will you be in pitch darkness? Do you feel 'empty'?

Later, I started reading up a book which is used to interpret dreams. It's call 'the dictionary of dreams'. I think it belongs to my younger sister.

From this book, you'll discover what your dream tells you about your deepest emotions, predictions of your future, unknown concerns which you're subconsciously thinking at the back of your mind... through the things, people, actions and even colours in your dream.

For instance, dreaming of a red sky, red floor or something red could mean that a girl's period is approaching.

Ironically, a nightmare might be showing you good signs instead, like maybe you'll get a promotion or a surprise visit from a distant friend/relative. So having a nightmare doesn't really sound that bad afterall!

Amazing, isn't it?

No 2. I am a chatterbox. I can chatter non-stop with my loved ones, especially PILLOW TALKS. I love to share stories, especially my life story.

I'll never mind telling you a bedtime story too if you asked!

No 3. I have a soft spot for soft toys. (Both are soft; something in common. :p)

The oldest soft toy I possess is a cow I called 'Niu niu'. It's been around for as long as I can remember. Everytime a new soft toy is being introduced into my collection, I'd tell them that 'Niu niu' is their king and that all the toys have to listen to him when I'm not around.

Once a toddler whom my mom was babysitting drew on Niu Niu's entire back, even it's yellow horns, with a blue permanent marker, I raged with anger!

My mom insisted on throwing it away down the rubbish chute. There I was, playing tug-of-war with her next to the chute opening, clinging onto Niu Niu legs, crying my heart out, begging her to allow me to keep it.

I told her that I'd love Niu Niu all the same, even if it's blue instead of white for the rest of my life.

She finally raised the white flag and gave Niu Niu back to me. Over time, and it meant years, the ink eventually faded away.

That very next day after the incident, I crept up to the toddler where he was taking his usual nap and inked his face and body with magic pen markers.

I ran to my mom and told her to throw him away now that he's dirty.

Instead, my mom gave me a good thrashing. I was caned, leaving prominent marks all over my body for days but for once, I didn't cry.

No one dared to try anything funny on Niu Niu anymore. I'm still hugging it now as I'm writing this.

My family ever joked that Niu Niu could be my wedding dowry for my daughter or daughter-in-law in future. It's officially my family heirloom.

No 4. I have imaginary friends up until the age of 16. I still love them and am grateful that I have my 'best friends' then, who stood by me at the lowest point of my life.

Maybe imaginary friends do exist in another world, who can justify that they don't?

No 5. I'm a proud fur mummy of my pet toy poodle, Bubble Leong! The most adorable dog In the world Yayala~

No 6. I've always enjoyed and loved planning, organizing friends' outings and parties, catching up sessions, gatherings, short getaways! ALWAYS.

No 7. Although I'm a keen learner, turning up for lessons seems extremely difficult for me. Truancy, late, assignments undone...

I love to learn new things, gain more knowledge. You get to meet your classmates, schoolmates, friends.

Maybe it's the part where I had to wake up early for school that drove me mad.

*Why must the alarm clock interrupt my dream EVERYDAY? (go back to No1 for the reason why)

No 8. I befriended many, many, many, many x999999999999999999999 awesome friends who always show their support and love for me all these years.


Genuine friends are gems and sparkling diamonds found in hidden treasure chests.

Here's to everyone of us being so special, in our very own way, Yummmmmmm Seng!

Time to hit the sack.

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