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Converted; I'm a Hankook Cosmetics Brand User now, OSSION rocks!

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!

I am so relieved that the saga has finally ended. I've been praying and praying that it doesn't dwell on so that I can continue to do my reviews; not looking forward to undeserved attention. I strongly believe that friendships from my blog, the ones who come back and visit, have to be built and earned with my most genuine and sincere posts instead of over some online dispute caused by a lot of accumulated misunderstandings.

Friends, my mom, my godpa, Bubble Leong, Jackie Goh and Zir zir who have been there for me, who have called and sent their regards to me, who have spoken up for me this whole time, who lent me your shoulder to cry on. I'd like to express my deepest gratitude from the bottom of my heart; Thank you for believing in me. thank you for not leaving me at this point of time. Thank you for giving me the booster to hold on to that rainbow after the rain. These special group of people whom I'm talking about, you know who you are!

The next ultimate mushy TTM declaration is specially dedicated to my dearest Ying ZiI LOVE YOU, Sweetest sweety pie!!!  *Oh dear, I think I'm having a sugar rush. LOL*

Alright, let's move on.

I'm on a shopping spree for skincare and health products recently. People in the house, I've officially converted to a Hankook Cosmetics brand user, Huat ah! This is going to be an ultra long review, I have too much good stuff to say about this korean company which was recently introduced to me!

Leaderboard [FLASH-PROMO]

Hankook Cosmetics works MAGIC on me, especially on my face.
Everytime after using a Hankook Cosmetics product, I can't help but look into the mirror and repeatedly compliment the after-results.


So clean, so refreshing, so smooth!
I'd say that, over and over again.


Hankook Cosmetics is so generous, I got to bring back a whole bag of goodies, both sashays and the actual products. Guess what, the sashays are for you! Prior to that, I've already given some to my cousins, aunts and close friends. What I've gotten back so far are either positive feedbacks or an emoticon which look like this---> :p. Ops haven't used them yet.

Feel free to drop me a message at  if you wish to try the products too. I'm more than happy to share them with you. Kindly use 'Hankook Cosmetics Sashays' as your subject header.

Here is a summary of what Hankook Cosmetics Background:

'Hankook' is the korean word which stands for 'Korea', just like 'Nihon' is the japanese word for 'Japan'.

Hankook Cosmetics Co. Ltd. has been around for 48 years now and counting. The company specialises in R&D and its headquarter and main factory is based in 111 Kunja-dong, Sungdong-ku, Seoul. This is the birth place of 'first patents' and led the field's best quality with R&D. They have won so many awards for the past 50years:  prevention of industrial accident award from their Prime minister, excellent cosmetics production, Korea best enterprise awards in the 80s and more. Read about their history timeline here.

Majority of skincare products in the market are GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice)-certified however, Hankook Cosmetics products are CGMP-certified. CGMP stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practice. The certificate is obtained from KFDA( Korea Food and Drug Adminstration) and printed on the respective product packaging.

Their R&D is so strong!

Not only did they develope the Magic powders(phase changeable powder) they even develop functional cosmetics for whitening effects including Tissue cultured GINSENG adventitious root extract (in this case110 year old wild ginsengs are used. The brand name I'm referring to here which has won numerous awards is SANSIM. The R&D sector also develop private labels too. For instance, securing the technical cooperation of L'oreal in France and Lancome in France in the 80s.

In 1984, Hankook Cosmetics Central Training School was founded for both employees and customers. Seminars and trainings are held with recognised certification.

In addition, Hankook Cosmetics produces its very own monthly magazine, MAGAZINE JUTANHAK, highlighting the latest product developments as well as educating customers on ways to achieve maximized benefits with their products!

Hankook Cosmetics carries a total of 28 brands, 4 of which are brought into Singapore closer to the end of Year 2010: OSSION, SANSIM, EKANAVA and FLANNCHE. These products are found in Russia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan etc. and now in Singapore!

If you google for Hankook Cosmetics and find little reviews, FRET NOT. The core reason you can't find much reviews is because most of them are written in korean and mandarin! Research in mandarin and korean if you wish to.


For mine, I'm going to focus mainly on OSSION products and one of the EKANAVA products (the COLD makeup base enhancer).

OSSION is pronounced as OCEAN.

I'm totally impressed with their OSSION Mild touch and Merdel series!

OSSION products contain Merdel complex.

Merdel is derived from the word "Meriel" and "Cordelia"
Merdiel means shiny sea and Cordelia refers to Jewels of the sea. Together, 'Merdel' refers to Shiny jewel from Deep Sea.

The Merdel series was developed through a joint research with an internationally recognised marine research institute, Codif, which is located in Saint Malo of France. Deep sea water and 10 carefully selected deep sea minerals are included into these products with marine-technology.

As the name suggests, OSSION skincare products which are skin-calming and skin-healing. Resembling the calmness of the deep ocean that remains regardless of the external changes that take place, imagine your skin in relief despite irritations and external stress.

merdel benefit
Photo courtesy of Hankook Cosmetics.

I strongly recommend friends to try, even those with skin sensitivity issues like me! I'm a pimple-prone, oily T-zone, dry skin person with enzyme. If you have similar problems as me, you may give this product a go.

Read here for more detailed information about OSSION.

Colour representations of each different series are meticulously chosen.

Mild Touch Series

For the Mild Touch series, violet colour is chosen. The colour purple is found only in a small number of sea shells and represents nobleness and dignity. This colour is a combination of red and blue is very effective in psychological therapy.

I'm cleansing my face with OSSION Mild Touch Cleansing Foam. Just ordered a new bottle for myself online.

Anyway, I've screen shot my entire purchasing process in the later part of this post to run you through. It's a little confusing to first-time buyers so you MUST read my 'How to purchase' guide if you wish to be eligible for the 20% + 30% discount.  It got me awhile before I understood the entire process myself.

OSSION Cleansing Foam - Pdt Image
Photo courtesy of Hankook Cosmetics.

For lazy girls like me out there, we are saved! This works magically, a 2-in-1 cleansing foam which removes even waterproof mascara at the same time you are cleansing your face. Hazel hearts tried it that first night and so did I. It worked on her and she whatsapped me after I asked about the effect. Then I got up and tried it myself.

Bye Bye, makeup removers!

This mild touch cleansing foam has purifying florigene that clarifies the skin. The rich foam effectively removes impurities and makeup, leaving your skin refresh and clean.

Next, let's check out the OSSION Number 1 selling product: OSSION Detox Bubble Mask.

This product is so in demand, I was told that during an online spree last year, all 500 bottles were sold within a week! The 10 benefits written on this banner below are proven(on me), check out my V-line face now!


Bubble Mask Banner
Photo courtesy of Hankook Cosmetics.

These posters are done by Taiwanese, I'll try my best to translate the chinese characters for you.

The red highlighted characters reads: Singapore, Malaysia: To restock!
The red characters means: Be quick if you wish to buy, product is sold out really fast~

I began using the Bubble mask from 05 Jan 2012. To date, I've used it for about 5 times. Of course, the mask is suitable for daily use. FYI, my weight of 52kg remains.  Hide my fats.


Photos taken on:
Top left: 02 December 2011
Top right(in yellow): 04 Jan 2012
Bottom left: 25 Jan 2012
Bottom right: 24 Jan 2012

My cheek bones are so obvious now, aren't they?
Extremely satisfied with the result. 

The products worked so effectively on me, I got Jackie Goh to try them out too! Who says guys can't use skincare products? *Hint Jackie Goh* Prior to this, I've already asked our Jackie Goh for his permission to be my blog model of the day. Note to Jackie Goh: Sorry DD, gonna use some unglam photos of you here. :p

Without further ado, it's time to get the bubble mask working its magic!


The bubble mask was left on Jackie's face for about 5 minutes. Meanwhile Bubble Leong waited along with me.


Whee, it's foaming!

The OSSION Detox Bubble Mask protects the skin with thermo guard which stimulates oxygen delivery to the skin, contains Immucell that removes impurities and toxins from the skin by optimizing and helping cell respiration. It enhances your V-line through a massage effect(So massage your face!). The mask contains caffeine which enhances the V-line by decreasing the size of fat cells.

When you apply, avoid the eye and mouth areas. After bubbling for 1-2 minutes, rinse it off with warm water.

Jackie's after-wash look.

Apart from *** men's facial wash, Jackie spends very little time taking care of his skin complexion.

How can?

Your skin makes up 15% of your body weight, has a surface of about 12-20 square feet and it is the largest human organ on our bodies!

Maintaining a great complexion is a good habit which everyone should cultivate in the near future. Having a radiant and clean look is a must-have for guys nowadays, don't you think so? Whenever I bring up this issue, Jackie will excuse himself with cost and time. Let's just say it's a habit which he's yet to learn to appreciate. Perhaps soon.

Nevertheless, it's not just Jackie alone with issues, this applies to many guys who lack personal grooming skills. Girls are getting more and more particular now.

To go for an even cleaner look, I decided to try the OSSION Mild Touch Peeling Gel on him.
Photo courtesy of Hankook Cosmetics.


The white flakes that are visible on his cheeks are his dead cells. This peeling gel works as a scrub (so try not to use it more than once a week) which is non-irritable and brings back clarity and smoothness back to the skin. While exfoliating dead skin cells that remain on the skin due to slowing of the skin turn over cycle, it hydrates and norishes the skin as it contains Merdel Complex.

Massage in circular motions and control your strength between sensitive and non-sensitive areas.

If you are really really really REALLY tired. Say after clubbing, work, party, and simply too lazy to even budge, maybe you should try this: OSSION Mild Touch Cleansing Tissue.

It contains 80 sheets(cloth-like) in each box. Not refillable. This tissue simplifies the cleansing process. Remove your makeup and cleans your face at the same time! You can hit the sack right after. The tissue removes dust particles and impurities easily. Its lotus extract is FULL of vitamins which purifies the skin and delivers oxygen to the skin.

Convenient TTM~~~~

Merdel Series

Merdel Intro 2
Photo courtesy of Hankook Cosmetics.
That 3 chinese characters over the bottle says: The saviour is here! I don't understand the korean words though. Translation anyone?

The colours of the series, earlier mentioned, were meticulously chosen. The merdel series are emerald and yellow in colour to represent the sea and sun.  The toner and moisturiser which belongs to this series have skin-healing effects!

Soothing to use, gentle to the skin. (These words are from me.) The moment you apply it, you feel it.

Here, Jackie is applying the Merdel toner and moisturiser.




Look how clean his face look now as compared to the previous photo! Let me show you again:


Jackie Goh, you see for yourself.  I'm going to end this off with your handsome photo.



I've also done up an almost 5-minute video on me using the Detox Bubble mask, Merdel toner and moisturiser. Enjoy laughing at my very first VLOG. It'll get better, I'm sure.

After watching the video again, I realise there's no auto focus function. The toner and moisturiser squeezed out were in a blur! I've taken pictures to show you instead.

What I'm holding on to is the toner from the BASIC kit set, NOT the actual product. This is like a travel pack.

Uncommon Gel-based toner. This little amount is enough to cover your entire face. You feel your skin hydrated and soft once applied. Not only that, I keep telling everyone I super love its refreshing fragrance!


As mentioned in the video, I've given out 3 tiny samples to friends and family members, and have been using this toner DAILY since 05 Jan 2012. This picture of the toner was taken on the 25 Jan 2012. 20 days = about 3 weeks of daily usage and there's still half a tube left! FYI, this is a 25ml bottle.

The actual bottle is 140ml. The banner on the website tells us that we can use the actual bottle up to 8 months, no joke.

Check out my moisturiser, it's not even a quarter used! The red line on the photo tells you where the liquid level is now. Photo taken on 25 Jan 2012, also about 3 weeks of use since 05 Jan 2012. I have an oil T-zone, so I don't really apply a lot each time.


The emulsion(moisturiser) gives nutrition on the skin which is unbalanced of water and oil.

The ingredients(the 10 deep sea minerals) contain so much benefits, too much to type out! Let me name a few: this series enhances collagen, inhibit moisture vaporization, anti-inflammation, soothing, relax and reduce skin irritation, anti-bacteria, improves irritable skin, inhibit of pigmentation and troubles on the skin by UV, absorbed into the skin easily etc!

The photos below are my 1-hour testimonial, are you looking for a quick fix that day?
Try using ALL the products I've mentioned for a change.




메르델2종세트001 (OSSION MERDEL 2+3 Gift Set)
Photo courtesy of Hankook Cosmetics.

If you're getting the toner and moisturiser, purchase the Merdel 2+3 gift set. For the same price, you get the basic kit and the Merdel cream as well.

With my blog discount, you are paying only slightly more than a hundred dollars, about $107.


$107 divide by 8 months = S$13.375
You are spending less than S$14 on skincare products monthly!
Plus in this case, you're using this product more than 8 months because in the gift set, you'll be given the 25ml bottles too!

Guys and girls of all ages are suitable to use this series.
Thumbs up!

OSSION Time Curator Series

The time curator series is 30% Merdel complex, 70% BOTOX-similar ingredient known as Argireline. NO SIDE EFFECTS. I have samples!!!

OTC Set - Intro
Photo courtesy of Hankook Cosmetics.

Some brands have like 10 over products for their anti-aging series apart from the usual toner, moisturiser and cream. They have day creams, night creams, eye creams, masks, patches, highlighters, fillers, sticks, ampoules and the list goes on. However, the entire time curator series is shown above, no more no less, all 5 of them: The eye cream, curator cream, toner, emulsion(moisturiser), ampoules.

That's all you need to maintain your youth.

From what I've heard, korean ladies who've had their botox jabs use this series to prolong their botox effect. The jab is costly and painful, I heard. So by getting this series, these ladies actually saved a bomb!

My mum's using a set of the sashays now. I'll ask for her permission and see if she allows me to use her photos as a testimonial. Gave 2 of my aunts a set each: the toner, emulsion and eye cream. If you have the samples, please try them and let me know too. I can't use them as my skin feels really tight. I think I'm not ready for this series yet.

Once again, if you're getting this series, get the Time curator 2+3 gift set. It cost the same, if not almost the same price, for an additional tube of time curator cream, eye cream and EKANAVA lipstick that comes in 4 shades!

Each bottle can last up to 8 months.

OSSION TIME CURATOR 2+3 Gift Set 타임큐레이터2종세트201 (Time Curator Set)
Photo courtesy of Hankook Cosmetics.

OSSION TIME CURATOR 2+3 Gift Set's Free Gift - EKANAVA Top 4 Best Selling VCCE Rouge Parole
Photo courtesy of Hankook Cosmetics.

The contents of the Time curator series helps to increase skin elasticity, hydration, has antioxidant effect, wrinkle release and more! In order words, it FIRMS up your skin. A clinical test was conducted over 12 weeks and an evaluation made by a dermatological professional certified that the products containing VCCE(found in this series) are effective for improving wrinkles. (Testing agency: Ellead Skin Research Centre)

Time Curator Toner: hydrates and improves elasticity of the skin
Time curator emulsion: provides smooth, fully hydrated skin. Removes toxins from within the skin.
Time curator eye cream: brightens eye area by caring for visible lines and firming the skin around the eyes
Time curator cream: contains wrinkle fighting ingredients, improve wrinkles, strengthen skin ability to protect itself from harmful external environment through anti oxidant effects.
Time curator ampoule: not only cares for anti aging but also repeated movements of facial muscles such as lines on forehead, neck, temples to improve skin's elasticity.

EKANAVA: Makeup products from Hankook Cosmetics

EKANAVA is the sister brand of OSSION.

What's so special about EKANAVA; their COLD makeup series.
The picture below is the opening enhancer aka cold makeup base.


It's even suitable for acne and enzyme skin!

COLD doesn't mean it feels cold when you apply as if it's soft drink just taken out from the fridge. Cold here means that you don't feel that much of a burning or heaty sensation on your face when exposed to sunlight. The coolness is too gentle to be realized. However, the makeup which stays on throughout is a sign that tells you that this cooling effect is working miracles.


Look closely at the liquid which is on my hand. Have you spotted yellowish looking glitter yet? That's 24K gold flakes which is being absorbed into your pores for brightness and radiant effect!

And no! This makeup base DOES NOT COST more than a hundred! You can get it at a price of less than S$50.


The key benefits of this product:

  • Smoothe uneven skin tone
  • Minimises pores
  • Ensures that make-up is long-lasting
  • Does not flake or clump.
  • Leaves you with a cool refreshing feel such that your face won't feel burning exposed to the heat of the sun
  • Protects skin from long hours of makeup





This is the MOST essential part of the post should you be buying anything from Hankook website.

First of all, anyone of you who has the username and password belonging to any of our 15 bloggers who are blogging for Hankook Cosmetics gets a lifelong 30% discount for any Hankook products purchased from the Hankook website.

This 30% discount even applies in addition to the on-going online promotions via

There are exclusive star weekly promotions going on now. 4-6 different products each week are having promotions of discounts between 35% to 65%.

The 30% blog discount still applies.

That means should an item be selling at a 65% discount, you'll be entitled a total of 65% + 30% = 95% discount!

The banners of these star products are reflected on its home page. Else, you may click on 'SALES' to access sale items:


When you surf the website WITHOUT logging in, what you'll see is the original price of the product, which is strike off as shown in the print screen below:

This original price of this peeling massage special set is S$140.
The massage set cost $70 after a 50% discount.
If you are patronising their online shop, this massage set cost $70.


So how are you entitled to the additional 30% discount?

Do this:

Go back to the HOME page and look for a login column on the right:

Type in 'hankookc' for BOTH Username and Password and click 'Login':


Checked that you've logged in as 'hankookc'.
If you have, click on the product which you want to purchase once more. In my case, I'm going for the massage special set!


Compare the price difference!

Initially, the original price of the set, which is strike off, is S$140.
The strike off price is now S$98.
This is the 30% discount price.

The S$98 is then given a 50% slash, which means the special set is now only S$49.00!

So this is how the 30% + $50 discount is being derived. Please DO NOT ADD UP the percentage together to 80%, then do your calculation and end up cancelling your exclusive order because the numbers doesn't tally.

It's NOT counted that way.

ps_massage setAFTER

Anyway, my aunt and I bought the ONLY 2 sets available for sale on CNY day. MUAHAHAHAHAHA. Super worth for a product that's initially S$140!

Under each product item page, you'll find instructions, descriptions and tips on how to use that particular product. So take your time to run through the information.


Click on 'SALES!' and scroll down to view the latest products and promotions.


You can find the cleansing foam under 'Product Latest'.
Took me forever to find but still couldn't find it.
Thank you for Amandashima who pointed it out to me at last!


I think I'd better explain the procedure once more.

IF you do not log in, the price of the cleansing foam will be  S$60 S$48.00.


Once you logged in, the price is 30% discounted first, then given another 20% discount from S$42 to S$33.60.  This is the discounted price of the foam.

I bought this too!


'ADD TO CART' if you wish to purchase it and 'CHECK OUT' your item when you're done with your shopping list:

ps_add to cart


Payment mode are as follow:
Upon 'CHECK OUT', you'll be asked to filled in your details and mailing address.


You'll be directly to the paypal/card page. If not, click CONTINUE.


The payment page:




A confirmation email will be sent your email address!
You are done!

Courier service will be made within 7 working days. Should there be pre-orders, the delivery will be made within 14 - 28 days. Courier services done within Singapore is FOC.

The banner of Hankook Cosmetics that looks like the one below is on my side bar, just in case you'll come back in future and want to buy something from Hankook Cosmetics!


More blogger reviews, promotions, updates from my other blogger friends and Hankook Cosmetics can be found here.

Hankook Counter is located at BHG Clementi Mall, Level 3.
Trust me, online buying is much cheaper and more convenient.

Username: hankookc
Password: hankookc

Email me for sashays and samples! First come first serve basis. Send it to Subject header: Hankook Cosmetics Sashays

List of samples (Limited quantity):
OSSION Stem cell essence in cream
OSSION Mild Touch Cleansing foam
OSSION Mild Touch Detox Bubble Mask
OSSION Mild Touch Peeling Gel
OSSION Improved Sun Cream SPF 37 PA ++
OSSION Time Curator Eye Cream
OSSION Merdel Cream

*Sample availability updated on 1 June 2012

Everyone should and deserves to be beautiful, internally and out.

Share about Hankook Cosmetics with your friends /family today, HUAT AH!
Happy Shopping and once again, Happy New DRAGON Year!


  1. It's a really complete set of facial care blog. Thanks Mint for bringing this nice product to us. Ordered online and waiting for the goods :)

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  3. Hi Mint,

    Thanks for the great review. I tried to order via the hankook website. But they are under construction. Do you know when are they available again? Thanks!

    1. Hello there! is undergoing a major renovation & updates of their many many many many brand new products! (as I'm telling you i'm super excited about it.)

      You may email to for assistance. Their service operators will be more than happy to assist you.

      Also, this is their facebook page. I believe they will provide you with more updates there:

      Thanks for visiting! :)

    2. Hello, their website seems not operational at this time. Is there another website we can use to order these products? Also, do you know if Ossion is suitable for Caucasian skin? Thanks!

    3. Hello! you may wish to visit for more details. :)