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Royal Caribbean Cruise- Legend Of The Sea

X marks the spot.

But where's the treasure?

Welcome to The Royal Caribbean Cruise!

*Ignore my puffy eyes*

I was invited on board the Royal Caribbean-Legend Of the Seas cruise.

This baby is 70 000 tonnes which can accomodate up to 2,076 guests
She has set sail since 16 May 1995.

Is it going to be really white inside?

Will it smell like a seawater?

Does it wobble a lot from left to right like when I am sitting on a canoe?

So What is it?

I can't wait to walk through THAT entrance!

THIS entrance!!!

No seawater smell.

Not plain white like a hospital.

The place is as stardy as it is on land.

No wait. Did I just walk into a 5-star hotel?

Royally-furnished for the Royals.

The place looks so magical- *pinch me in my face*

OMG. I feel like a queen!

Up till this stage, I still couldn't believe I'm actually on board the ship! Not until our group leader made his welcome speech~ Ahoy mate!

Our first stop: The Anchor's Aweigh Lounge- where most of the onboard entertainment are organised. There's even a stage for live band performances and a dance floor!

Oh look at this! I can see Sentosa from within!

Darren, Christine and I simply hid in a corner and started camwhoring. The place is superior-furnished for great photo-taking sessions anywhere!

Legs aching after partying your night away?

No worries! There's SPA onboard for a minimal fee.

Now that you are refreshed again, you can go for a Shopping-spree(jewellery, watches, souvenirs)- tax and duty free. As quoted by our group leader,"If the products anywhere else is cheaper anywhere apart from here, you'll get a full refund"

How's that!

Imagine classical songs played on a white grand piano accompanied by the melodic tunes of the violin. As both compliment each other, you swayed into a waltz with your other half- eyes locked into each other's...

like HELLO, You're stepping on my foot. *Ops*

At their very own cafe, there's BEN & JERRY'S- my favourite!!!

Sometimes, it's not just coffee that can keep a person awake you know. :)

Pose, take a picture. Where's the cameraman?

So you realize you have none. Why not go to the Photo Gallery where there'll be photography experts to assist you. And you can bring your photographs home at reasonable rates.

There's an library on board. YES. A LIBRARY. Read all you want, bookworms! (Jianing, this is the cruise for you!)

And there is a variety of books you can choose from- not just on books about cruises and ships.

Check out this next room- The Card Room. Not only that, it's for casual Mahjong fully equipped with mahjong and card tables!

The moment we're all waiting for: Pictures of the rooms and suites.

And I promise you they just getting bigger and more majestic, one after another!

Heart-thumping, aren't you?

See. It is comfy! You've just seen a cabin with windows- Here is one without.

The design is pretty much the similar except that the window is now replaced by a mirror.
Room service is available!

The bed is really thick and bouncy, guarantee a good night's sleep-tested and proven!

(I'm so sorry that the bed has to be made again.)
As I've mentioned, the rooms gets bigger- One of the cabins with a balcony.

And bigger- The family suite.

There are two rooms, two bathrooms(one with a bathtub), a living room with balcony!

The owner suites are just as extravagant! And like I say, it gets bigger and bigger wouldn't you just love to change a suite every day! Here are the owner suites.

Some have a tiny bar counter for you to indulge in your favourite wine. And then there's one with a living room and two TVs, bathtubs are a must-have!

This is the BEST- the Royal Suite.

Step right in and you will find yourself face to face with a grand white piano in the middle of the room. The room comes complete with a walk-in closet and a full length balcony as well! Not to forget the living room is big enough to accomodate all of us-about 18 bloggers in total!

Note: I need to take 16 photographs in order to show you every part of the royal suite.

That's how big it is!!!

Windjammer is on the 10th deck, where an almost-360 degrees buffet spree is spread out for you! From western to asian, fruit feast, desserts to pastries. Take your pick, eat your fill!

Your children can be safely placed at the children room with friendly teachers around to guide through colouring books, toys and even cartoons. Look at the spacious playground allocated for your little angels!

For teens, welcome to Optix, the teens' room.

Magazines, play some board games, go for a jamming session where there's a stage and a mini recording studio where you can play some music.
Or, you can just sit around with your BFFS and gossip, and gossip, and gossip!

The outdoor deck is ALWAYS my favourite deck to be in. I can spend EVERYDAY there- rain or shine. i went 'WOHOOOOOO!' the moment I stepped out.

If you're someone who loves the sun, the sea and sceneric views like me, be awed by their 4 whirlpools, Indoor/outdoor pool in a Solarium with a sliding roof, sunchairs enough for everyone!

I'm going to figure out how to play this the next time I'm going on Royal Caribbean!

Did I mention about their 9 hole minature golf course?

who says you can't do rock-climbing on water? Now you can when you go onboard the Legend of The Seas.

Be hydrated at all times wth ice-creams, frozen yogurts and ice-cool refreshments!

Think of something romantic? Try dining at Romeo and Juliet's Dining Room .

I indulged myself with a 3-course meal on board.

The food tasted even better with TWO Darrens sitting beside me!

I'm a lucky girl- no queen- in this case.

What are you waiting for?!

Let Royal Caribbean-The Legends Of The Seas, do the cruising while you travel around the world; Life. Take a break and seriously, enjoy some urban-escape for awhile. :)

===Thank You for the invitation!===

Royal Caribbean International.

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