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Happy 'Burst' Day, Silver Ang Zir Zir!

Our sisterhood is extrodinary; we know each other even before we met.

How We First Met

It all began with my Godpapa Chia.

I first met him at Mediacorp, say... more than 3 years ago when I was doing a shoot as a part-time actress. He was the bus driver who drove the crew to the filming venue. we seem to hit off really well; chit-chatted with each other to pass time. It was then that he first told me about Silver Ang and suggested that all three of us should go for dinner someday. That day didn't come until...

Zir and I first met at Singapore Blog Awards 2010.

She was performing when I took a photo of her and send it to Papa Chia. Papa Chia suggested that I should go up to say 'hi'. After hesitating for hours, almost towards the end of the event, I finally plucked up enough courage to introduce myself to her. I remembered our first met-up was rather formal and awkward.

What else should I tell her? Actually I don't know what to say...

Nevertheless my first impression of Zir was pleasant.
She is friendlier than I thought she will be...

Our Friendship Grew...

Fortunately, both of us have something in common: Blogging.

After the Singapore blog awards, we bumped into each other a few more times at other blog events: PCK movie premiere at GV Yishun, On board the Coca-Cola Bus, Kotex Party, just to name a few. These were common topics & activities to do between us. Attending the events bonded the two of us close together even though I really have no idea when this closeness really began... Over time, we made plenty of mutual friends too.

We'd call each other up, meet somewhere and head down to the event venues together. Later, we even started planning our own private dinners with Papa Chia and our friends, outings, short holidays, exchanging long and personal phonecalls....

Our friendship grew without us realising, until very recently, that we started to have common(but extremely weird) lingos which no one else seems to understand. A wink, eye contacts, word substitutions for certain descriptions and *major evil grins for this* --> nicknames!

Regardless of how busy Zir and I are and where we were, we'll take time to whatsapp each other at super random timings & random topics at least once a week, meet up at least once a month, do things together, create fond memories together...

I've longed for an intimate bff for the longest time; I found her now. :)

Both of us are borned in the year of Ox, her birthday falls on the 3rd June, exactly 5 months away from mine, 3rd January.
*perfect coincidence*.

But wait a minute, 'Bffs' does not mean we have to spend every single second doing exactly the same thing together.

To me, it's a stage where, whenever we spent time together, it'll always be so enjoyable & comfortable. I can be myself: cry as I want to, smile, laugh out loud like really ROTFLMAO, be very 'chor lor', sleep in my undies, drool in my sleep, introduce all my family members to her...

I feel safe.
I love this feeling; something priceless and so meaningful.

Birthday Preparations

Naturally, her birthday becomes a ultimate BIG DAY for me..

To prepare for this, it dates all the way back to at least TWO months.
<<<<<< REWIND <<<<<<<<<

Sis, Jackie and I brainstormed for hundreds of things to buy for her:
aroma candles, gadgets, Alton's cataract operation, a certain book title.... Whatever Silver said that she liked or wish to have, we'll take special note and discuss in private.

We'd sieze chances to shop around for her birthday gift when we meet out. We ended up buying more than 1 gift for her. *ops*

2 days before her birthday, the idea of planning a birthday surprise at exactly 12 midnight. What a headache! We had totally no idea where to begin with: where she will be, what will she be doing...

Eve Of Silver's Birthday

Boy was I lucky!
Zir wanted to meet me up on her birthday eve to do some shoots together.

Plan A was to keep her busy at home while the rest of us surprise her at her doorstep at 12 midnight.

I was hosting a roadshow at Jurong Point that day and she came pick me up. Instead of me surprising her, she showed up with William and Yuhao!


I got a 2nd shock when she said we'd be going to William and  Yuhao's chalet and to postponed the shoot.


I quickly broke the news to the group and discussed Plan B.
Meanwhile, William was arranging his own birthday surprise for Silver at the chalet.

See how busy we were at MOS burger!
*press handphone press handphone*


William bro and I practically sticked together the whole time so that we can plan our double-birthday surprise, making sure that the timings and activities do not clash with one another. #LikeAPro.



Birthday Surprise 1 At Chalet

Silver was caught unaware.

I had asked her to accompany me to the public toilet instead of using the one in the chalet room. She was totally taken aback when we came back to find everyone at the chalet singing her a birthday song!



Her EPIC headache pose. One can tell she's really embarrassed at the point of time. Friends who've met her for less than an hour came together and planned a birthday surprise for her. Seriously, it can't be any sweeter.

Awesome people!


*Happiness Overflow*



Lots and lots of pictures containingYuhao and Zir but I shall not spam their pics here.
When I say 'lots and lots', I mean like 50 or more?!


Happy Birthday, Zir!


What I look forward most is to eat the birthday cake! Wahaha~


Side track for a minute.

Let me introduce Gary & Ferynne's dog, Happy.
She's the sweetest & most obdeient dog I've ever seen!

Awww.... I LOVE HER!


Group Photo 1.
The other half of the group is camera-shy.


Birthday Surprise 2 + 3

I told Zir that I was really hungry and we should go for supper at Ang Mo Kio Mcdonald's. Just as we were about to leave Pasir Ris, Zir's other BFF, Azmi, called and wanted to meet her up for supper. We asked him along.

The clock striked 12 when we were on KPE expressway.
We sang her the birthday song (in different languages) in the car once more!

The rest of the group, Jackie, Bubble Leong, Sis and Familee were already 'ambushed' around the AMK Mac vicinity.

>>>> Fast Forward >>>>
Read more about it on Silver's birthday post.

This time round, she broke into tears as we chorused the birthday songs.



Bubble Leong wants to eat a slice of the cake too! The little one licking his lips:


Group photo 2:

We stayed a little longer for 2 rounds of Scattergories.
This game is nerve-wrecking!

Within a given time frame, you'll have to think of a list of things/people/animals which begins with the same alphabet according to what the alphabet-die has been rolled. The list of items is determined by the list number which is called.

That means, if the die which you roll stops at 'E' and the list you appointed is '6', you'll have to think of everything from List 6 which begins with the letter 'E'.

Note: creative answers are accepted should the majority agree. For instance, name a dessert which begins with the letter 'A'. You can write "Ang Ku Kueh".


The player with the lowest marks will be forfeited. And William made it!
He was asked to do 20 sit-ups in front of the entrance where everyone could see him.

The 2nd time he lost, he was asked to act sweet and cute for 10 whole seconds in front of the camera.

Azmi won both games with the highest marks.

Poor William!
Bubble was staring innocently at him throughout.



After that it's present-opening time!


She love ducks!



They are yours to keep-- both the present and the memories.

Zir, we hope you enjoyed your birthday!


We had a birthday dinner next day at Kuishin-bo. It's premium Japanese Buffet restaurant. We had so many snow crabs!!!

Birthday Surprise 3



Cheryl dear had whatsapp me in the morning and asked if I knew where Silver would be. She planned to surprise her with a lomo camera that Silver had wanted.

I didn't pick up the phone when she called but thanks to Foursquare, she found us, what a close shave!
I bet she'll be reading this post and picking out my grammatical mistakes right now.

Cheryl, give chance prish! Heh-heh.
By the way, everyone MUST check out Cheryl's blog!  She's a journalist who writes about cars and motorsports; her passion. She is doing modelling as well which is featured on her blog. Last but not least, she travels all around the region to bring you the latest and most interesting news about Formula drifts, latest car models etc.

She was one of Singapore Blog Awards Best Individual Blog Finalists 2011.

Read and follow
Get addicted.

She's really sweet I tell you. The last time she was in Japan, which was only about 2 months ago, she bought for me the famous Japanese 'bai se lian ren' biscuits which I've never tried before.

Ultimate sweetness!
A friend to keep. For life. :)

Photo credits to: Cheryl Tay.

Dinner with Papa Chia.

3rd June is Zir's birthday. 4th June is Papa Chia's Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Papa Chia.

We had Shokudo Coffee House in Bugis.
The Vongoule Udon/Spaghetti soup is the best!


I'm ending this post with my favourite picture of us:


Happy 'Burst' Day, my one and only Ang Zir Zir.
Best that I can ever have.

May you #HappyBurstDay until eternity!
(Zir, translate this sentence into mandarin and you'll laugh to death)

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  1. 哈哈哈!什么啦!祝我爆日快乐到永远?爆到永乐???谢谢你那么贴心,那么甜蜜的细心安排。长那么大,还真的是第一次受宠若惊。真的,我这一生第一个“惊”给你了。爱你哟~尤其你和Cheryl,你们这辈子最好和我一起守住这份友谊,别跟别人跑了 (注:王沙野风篇)!!!